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Job Ready in a Year or Less

Many of PCC’s Career/Technical programs offer students the opportunity to earn short-term certificates, ranging in length from one term to one year. These certificates can act as a credential for entry-level employment in a particular industry or as a benchmark on the way to an advanced degree. Below is a brief description of the types of certificates available in one year or less:

Career Pathways Certificates
These certificates are short-term credentials (12-44 credits) which prepare students for entry-level employment within an occupational area. Career Pathways certificates may be the first certificate a student earns while pursuing a longer certificate or an AAS degree.
One-year Certificates
These certificates can be obtained in one year or less and can prepare students for a variety of occupational endeavors, including licensure and test preparation. In addition, these certificates can be an additional step on the way to pursuing a longer certificate or degree.