From training our community's workforce to preparing students for four-year schools to leading the way in educational success and completion, the work we do at Portland Community College today is at the heart of our region's success tomorrow.

As the largest post-secondary institution in Oregon, PCC serves nearly 73,000 full-time and part-time students. We fill a unique role, one that offers high quality education and opportunities for our students, which in turn contributes to the vibrancy of Portland's economic community.

We welcome your interest in PCC – as a potential student, donor, or community partner. With your support, we can strengthen our region's economy by educating a skilled workforce, prepare students to successfully transfer to four-year colleges and universities, enrich the community through lifelong learning, build a greener workforce while shrinking our carbon footprint, and maintain our responsibility to be a sound financial steward of public dollars.

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Convenient locations

Four comprehensive campuses, eight centers and dozens of independent locations throughout the community offer courses and provide student services. Online Learning provides students with an independent environment and the ability to take classes off campus.


College commitments

Every year, nearly 73,000 students enroll at PCC, making it the largest educational institution in Oregon. These are the values that guide PCC in creating a better future for the community.


Choices to meet your needs

We offer many types of classes and programs, which serve many different audiences.

Traditional college programs

Credit courses that you can take individually or as part of a certificate, associates degree, or university transfer degree. Students can also combine their PCC enrollment with other institutions with the dual enrollment program.

Community Education

Non-credit classes for fun and personal development. These classes are offered at PCC campuses and centers, at various locations around your neighborhood, and online.

Online Learning

Provides students with an independent learning environment and the ability to take classes off campus.

Adult Basic Skills and Pre-college Programs

Courses to help you prepare for college or just prepare for a better life. These programs can help you earn a GED, improve your English skills, or get a head start on college.

International Education

Resources for international students looking to study at PCC, and for the PCC student interested in studying abroad.

Continuing Education

Classes that advance your career. Programs include Career Pathways training and Professional Licensing.

CLIMB Center for Advancement

Education for professionals, from front-line workers to CEO's CLIMB offers professional quality training and development services for small businesses, health professionals, and supervisors in organizations of all sizes.