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Dates to remember

  • Last day to return fall term textbooks: September 30
  • Financial aid charging for fall term open: September 5-30

The PCC Bookstore is here to support you and the college’s mission by providing exceptional service, reasonably priced items, and an overall desire to help in any way we can. We offer books, equipment, supplies, materials, all the Panther goodies you could want, and much more. Stop by a store to see our large selection. Dollars spent on campus, stay on campus. Online buyback is available.

Special hours

  • Sylvania, Cascade, and Rock Creek: September 25–October 6
    • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: 8am-4pm
    • Wednesday: 8am-7pm
    • Friday: 8am-2pm
  • Southeast: September 25–October 12
    • Monday–Thursday: 9am-3pm and 5-7pm
    • Friday: 9am-2pm

Regular hours

  • Cascade, Rock Creek, Southeast and Sylvania: Monday–Thursday, 8am-4pm, Friday 8am-2pm
  • Online order customer service: Monday–Friday, 8am-4pm

Buying textbooks and course materials

Books are campus-specific, so be sure to buy your books from the campus or center where you’ll be taking your class.

Cascade Bookstore exterior

For classes at Cascade Campus.

In MAHB off Killingsworth St.

Rock Creek Bookstore exterior
Rock Creek

For classes at Rock Creek, Hillsboro, and Willow Creek.

Building 5 on the 1st floor.

Southeast Bookstore exterior

For classes at Southeast Campus.

In SCB off 82nd Ave.

Sylvania Bookstore exterior

For classes at Sylvania, Newberg, and Online.

At the NE corner of campus.



Student using a laptop for classwork

Computers and software

Looking to buy a computer or software for school? The PCC Bookstore can help.


Details make all the difference

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Book buyback and returns

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