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Transportation and Parking

Sylvania CSB 329 | 971-722-8181 | Fax: 971-722-4762 | parking@pcc.edu | Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5pm, Friday: 9am - 4pm

PCC offers many parking and transportation options at all of its campuses and centers. The campus map shows parking locations for all campuses and centers, as well as TriMet and PCC shuttle stop locations.

Parking permits

tag All vehicles parked at PCC will NOT be required to properly display a valid parking permit for Summer term 2020.

Parking permits are NOT required for Summer term 2020.  The decision regarding Fall term permits will be made by September 1st.

Online Sales

Summer Term

In-Person Sales at:
Student Account Services
WindowSummer Term
Permit sale dates Canceled Canceled
Summer term – all day permit (7am-10pm) Canceled Canceled
Summer term – evening only permit (4pm-10pm) Canceled Canceled
Purchase permit at: Canceled Canceled
What’s needed to purchase permit: Canceled Canceled
Why buy online? Canceled Canceled
Expected mailing dates:  (Must be ordered at least one day prior to scheduled mailing date). Canceled Canceled

Hourly and daily parking permits are available through the permit dispenser machines located on the campuses.  However, parking permits are NOT required for Summer term 2020.

Transportation events


Transportation alternatives

There are plenty of alternatives to driving to PCC alone!

Bus icon
PCC shuttle service

In the Fall, you can get to campus for free – take one of the shuttles that run between campuses. The shuttle schedule for the Winter term is posted now. View shuttle website »

TriMet logo
Take public transit

PCC offers discounted TriMet passes for students and staff. Learn about taking public transit to PCC »

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Ride your bike or motorcycle

PCC offers bicycle storage and rental options, and motorcycle parking is free. Learn more about bikes and motorcycles at PCC »

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Use a ride or car sharing program

Carpool or use one of Portland’s major car sharing options. Learn more about ride sharing and car sharing »

Rules and operations

Parking regulations

PCC’s parking regulations, including violations, citations, booting, and towing.

Neighborhood parking

Parking in the neighborhoods surrounding PCC’s campuses and centers is prohibited.

Pay or appeal a citation

Did you receive a parking citation? Use PCC’s Parking Portal to pay or appeal your citation.

Need assistance?

Call PCC Public Safety at 971-722-4902 for vehicle unlocks, battery jumps, and escorts to and from your vehicle.


View a complete listing of Transportation and Parking staff.

TDM and sustainability

Details about PCC’s Transportation Demand Management (TDM) and sustainability planning.