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Parking regulations

Monday – Friday, 7am – 10pm, all motor vehicles parked at any PCC location must display a valid parking permit. The only free parking on campus is in designated motorcycle areas. Motorcycles don’t require parking permits, but you can only park in areas specifically designated for motorcycles.  Learn more on the parking permits page.

Responsibility for locating an appropriate designated parking area rests with the operator of the motor vehicle. Lack of a readily available designated parking area is not an excuse for violation of any parking regulation. Any vehicle parked in violation of any regulation is subject to citation and towing at the expense of the owner or operator.

The college does not assume any responsibility for any motor vehicle or its contents while parked on college property.

Booting and tow policy

Any vehicle found parked on college property that has unpaid or un-appealed citations may be booted or towed. We may also boot or tow any vehicle that does not have license plates and/or has the VIN covered or to identify the operator of the vehicle. A charge of $25 will be applied to any outstanding balance when the boot is removed. Vehicles parked in Red Zones, blocking egress/ingress, or found parked in a hazardous manner may be towed as these situations present a safety concern. The College also reserves the right to tow any vehicle deemed to have been abandoned upon College property. There will be an administrative fee charged for the towing of any vehicle in addition to the related tow charges.

Violations of PCC parking regulations

  • No Permit Displayed $25
  • No Parking Area $40
  • Over Time Limit $40
  • Authorized Vehicles Only $40
  • Occupying Multiple Spaces $40
  • Parking The Wrong Direction ORS 811.570 $40
  • Fire Lane ORS 811.550(16) $40
  • Circumvention of Parking Regulations $150
  • PCC Disabled Parking Only $150
  • DMV Disabled Parking Only ORS 811.625 $250
  • Neighborhood Parking Violation $25
  • Vehicle Boot Fee $25

Parking citation information

If you receive a parking citation read the back and follow the directions. You need to pay or appeal the citation within 30 calendar days of issuance. After 30 days, you forfeit the right to an appeal. Payments can be made online at the Pay Citation web page, by U.S. mail or in person at any campus Student Account Services. Make checks payable to PCC and include your college ID number if applicable.

If you choose to appeal your citation, complete all the information on the online appeal form. To file an appeal, you must complete the online appeal form. Citations cannot be appealed by sending an email to the parking department or by calling the parking department.

Faculty, staff and students are responsible for any citations that are issued to family members or guests. Should a relative or guest of a current member of the PCC community (faculty, staff or student) receive any parking citations the college has the authority to bill the citations to the individual affiliated with the college.

Note: Failure to pay or appeal within 30 calendar days will result in doubling of fine. Unpaid citations may be sent to collections.