Parking permits

All vehicles parked at the following PCC sites must display a valid PCC parking permit and park in a designated area Monday through Friday from 7am to 10pm while school is in session. Permits are not required on weekends.

  • Sylvania Campus
  • Rock Creek Campus
  • Cascade Campus
  • Southeast Campus
  • CLIMB Center
  • Swan Island Trade Center

Parking in the adjacent neighborhoods is prohibited.

After 6 pm, any vehicle displaying a valid PCC parking permit may park in areas normally reserved for “staff” parking.

Displaying your parking permit

Vehicle permits are displayed by hanging them from the rear-view mirror. Permits must be visible through the windshield. For cars without rear-view mirrors, place your permit on the driver’s side of the dashboard. It is your responsibility to properly display a parking permit when parking at PCC.

Hourly and daily permits

Purchase hourly and daily parking permits at any campus pay station.

Visitor parking

Visitors must purchase and display a daily parking permit.

  • $2 for two hours
  • $3 for three hours
  • $4 for four hours
  • $5 for five or more hours

Exact change or credit card required. Hourly permits are not valid in staff parking areas.

Term permits

If you forget your permit, you must purchase a permit from the permit dispenser machines located in the parking areas or from the campus bookstore to park at PCC.

At the Newberg Center, Hillsboro Center, Willow Creek Opportunity Center, and Opportunity Center at 42nd Avenue, students do not need a permit to park. Staff must have a PCC parking permit.

Other types of parking permits
  • Disabled parking: PCC temporary disability permits are available for students, employees, and visitors who require special parking
  • Senior discounts: Oregon residents who are students 62 years of age or older are eligible for a 50% discount. See the senior discount page for more information.
  • Ride sharing: Share a ride with someone else commuting to a location near your destination.
  • Motorcycle parking: free no permit required! Motorcycles don’t require parking permits, but you can only park in areas specifically designated for motorcycles.

Returning a permit

You can return your permit during the first week of classes for a full refund, without having to give any reason. During the second week of classes, you can only get a refund if you have dropped all your classes. Return permits to:

Portland Community College
Attn: Parking Dept SY-CSB-329
12000 SW 49th Ave
Portland, OR 97219

Faculty and staff: your account will be credited if you return your permit by the end of the second week of the term.

Lost or stolen permits

Report the loss or theft of a parking permit to Transportation & Parking Services at 971-722-8181 or via email at as soon as you know it’s missing. After a report has been filed, a replacement permit will be issued according to the following schedule:

  • First occurrence: No fee
  • Additional occurrences: Full price

If you find a permit, turn it in immediately to Transportation & Parking Services. Anyone who displays a permit that has been reported lost or stolen will be fined $150.