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Faculty and staff permits

Permits are NOT REQUIRED for the Summer term.  Ordinarily, faculty and staff that are paid monthly can reduce the cost of their parking permits by taking advantage of the pre-tax payroll deduction for annual parking permits.  Online permit orders are mailed directly to your home address. No waiting in line!

After online sales have ended, employees may apply for your pre-tax deduction by completing a payroll deduction form – drop off your form and pick up your permit at Student Account Services.

Casual employees, student help, and work-study positions are not eligible for payroll deduction.

Types of permits

Parking permit prices
Type of permit Cost Payment
Full-time staff $12.50 per month $12.50 taken out of every monthly paycheck
.75 FTE or less $8.33 per month $8.33 taken out of every monthly paycheck
Part-time faculty *(paid bi-weekly) $30 per term Re-apply each term (full amount taken out of one paycheck or charge and pay using your PCC account)
Casual employees $40 per term Buy at Student Account Services each term
Daily and hourly permits See pricing information Sold at any campus pay station
*Part-time faculty

Permits are NOT REQUIRED for the Summer 2022 term.  Most part-time faculty use the online tool each term to order their parking permit.  Online permit orders are mailed directly to your home address.  No waiting in line!

To order online, you must:

  • Purchase permits via payroll deduction
  • Be a current part-time faculty employee
Part-time faculty prices
Term Ordering begins Ordering ends Permits mailed
Summer 2022  Cancelled  Cancelled  Cancelled

Permits must be ordered online at least one day prior to the scheduled mailing date to be included in the mailing.

Here are the quick and easy steps to order online:

  1. Log in to MyPCC and select the Employee tab.
    • In the Tools channel, find the Support heading.
    • Click Buy Term Parking Permit (Part-Time Faculty Only).
    • Be patient – you may see a blank white screen for up to 10 seconds.
  2. Confirm your address or update, if needed.
    • Select the vehicle to be associated with the permit (or add a vehicle if it’s not already there).
    • Click Part-Time Faculty Permit.
    • Check the box marked I agree.  This confirms your payroll deduction.
    • Click once on Submit Permit Request.
  3. You will receive a confirmation page once the order is processed.
    • Call 971-722-8181 if you have any questions.

Part-time faculty who want to stand in line must submit a new payroll deduction form each term and pick up their permit at Student Account Services.  However, part-time faculty may buy an annual permit at Student Account Services in December and January each year; but it cannot be paid through payroll deduction.

Changing status

If your status changes from full-time to part-time, or from part-time to full-time, notify the Payroll Department of the change. The monthly deduction for your parking permit will be adjusted to reflect your new status beginning with the first day of the following calendar month unless you cancel your election as described below.

Cancelling payroll deductions

  • We must receive the parking permit payroll cancellation request by the 15th of the month to be removed from the following first-of-the-month paycheck.
  • Return your parking permit to Transportation and Parking Services (SY-CSB-329) along with a completed payroll deduction cancelation form.
  • You must submit your permit and request before the effective date of the cancellation.