Textbook buyback

Buyback dates

All store locations: June 10–14 (store hours)

Explore the value of your used book for on-campus buyback.

Online buyback

Missed buyback? You will always get more money for your books at an on-campus buyback, but if you can’t wait or missed the date, online buyback is another option. You can sell your books back at any time on the online buyback website.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to sell my book back?

You need a valid student ID, driver’s license, or a government-issued ID. You do not need a receipt.

Can I sell my book back if I miss buyback dates?

Yes. The PCC Bookstore cannot buy them back except on buyback dates, but online buyback takes books year-round. The price they pay for books is less than the PCC Bookstore, but it is always an option and they do not charge shipping.

How is it decided if a book can be sold back and what the price will be?
  • Condition of the book.
  • If the bookstore is overstocked.
  • Whether the instructor has chosen to use the book, has decided not to use that book, or is undecided.
  • What the national demand for the book is.
  • Has a new edition been published?
  • The wholesaler determines the wholesale price of a text.
  • The publisher determines the list price of a text.
  • The instructor determines which books are required for the class.
Can I sell my graphing calculator?

Yes. You can sell graphing calculators during a book buyback if they meet the following qualifications:

  • Texas Instruments TI-89, only with original manual and cable.
  • Nothing can be etched into the calculator.
  • You must perform a graph on the calculator to show that it is in working condition.