Buying textbooks

When to buy books

You can purchase books and supplies before you attend class. Or, you can buy them after attending your first day of class and verifying the things you need.

If you are unsure if you have purchased the correct items or if you think you may not need them, do not open them – see our return policy for more information.

Where to buy books

You can buy books in person at a PCC Bookstore or from our online store. When ordering online, we’ll ship items to you or you can pick up your online order at a Bookstore location.

Books are campus-specific, so be sure to buy your books from the campus or center where you’ll be taking your class. Books for online classes should be purchased from the Sylvania Bookstore – learn more about using the bookstore as an Online Learning student.

See where to buy your books and supplies

If you’re having difficulty placing online orders, see our online ordering tutorial.

Buying used books
Screenshot of online textbook ordering options, showing new, used, digital, and rental options

Example new, used, and digital textbook options

When you buy books online, follow the same steps as buying a new book but indicate that you would prefer a used textbook. We will fill your order with a used book if possible, but it’s not guaranteed that a used book will be available. If no used copies are available, you will receive (and be charged for) a new textbook.

Used books are available in-person at a campus Bookstore, but it’s not guaranteed that a used book will be available. You can also check the Campus Marketplace to see if the book you need is being sold by a fellow PCC student.

Buying digital books

Visit the online bookstore for your class and find your book. When viewing your book purchase options, RedShelf digital textbooks will show when available for purchase or rental.