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Textbook rentals

How to rent textbooks

Follow the same steps as you would for buying a textbook. When viewing your book, rental options will show when available.

Rental return terms of agreement

Fall 2023 textbook rentals are due December 15, 2023.

  1. I am 18 years of age and a current student at Portland Community College.
  2. I am renting and am in receipt of the rental book. I understand that the PCC Bookstore return policy will apply to rental items.
  3. I acknowledge that the book, whether new or used, is in good condition.
  4. I understand that I am responsible for the risk of loss from any cause, including theft, lost item, or return in unsalable condition, such as damage caused by liquids (rain, snow, coffee, juice, etc.), fire (scorched), chemical spills, tooth marks (humans, pets, etc.), torn covers, missing component parts, and spine damage.
  5. I will return the book to the PCC Bookstore no later than the rental return due date of December 15, 2023.
  6. If I ship the book, it must be received at the PCC Bookstore no later than the return date on December 15, 2023. I am responsible for the cost of shipping.
    • If you are unable to return your textbook rentals in person at any of the PCC Bookstore locations, please ship your rental returns directly to PCC Sylvania Bookstore, 12000 SW 49th Ave, Portland, OR 97219.
  7. I will return the book in good salable condition as determined by the PCC Bookstore policies. All CDs and other components included with the book must be present and in salable condition as determined by the store policies upon return. Limited highlighting and writing are acceptable.
  8. Failure to return: The PCC Bookstore is not responsible for reminding you of your rental return date. Rented materials not returned by the rental return date will be automatically charged 75% of the new book price to the card on file for this agreement.
    • By providing my email address and phone number as part of my rental agreement, I authorize the PCC Bookstore to send me courtesy reminders to return my rented textbook.
  9. By completing this transaction, I authorize the PCC Bookstore to charge the same credit card account that was left as a deposit to make this payment. I will not contest a legitimate charge from the PCC Bookstore.
  10. I agree, that in order for the PCC Bookstore to service my account or collect any amount I may owe, unless otherwise prohibited by applicable law, the PCC Bookstore is authorized to contact me by phone at the telephone number(s) in the patron contact account information. I understand that if the contact number is a wireless account, data rates may apply for voice, text, or emails using any email address I provide.
  11. I will not exceed the limit or cancel the credit card until all the rented materials are either returned to the PCC Bookstore by the due date or the non-returned rental replacement fee is paid in full.
  12. If the credit or debit card is declined or rejected for any reason, I understand that the total outstanding amount will be submitted to the Student Accounts office and a hold will be placed on my student records. This hold will prevent me from registering for classes and obtaining transcripts until the non-returned rental fee is paid in full.