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Types of classes at PCC

in-person iconIn-person classes

In-person classes take place at specific times and locations.  Class materials might be delivered online, but all instruction takes place in-person.  Check the class schedule for location information.  COVID-19 closure: most classes are being held remotely until campuses open.

remote class iconRemote classes

Remote classes were intended to meet in-person, but have been moved to an internet delivery mode due to the campus closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote classes may require students to meet using online tools at the same days/times the class would have met on-campus. Some remote classes may not require students to login at a specific day and time. The class schedule will indicate if there are specific meeting days and times for a remote course.

online iconOnline classes

Online classes have been intentionally developed to online course design standards. Most online classes do not have specified meeting times. Some instructors may schedule optional virtual meetings and office hours. The online fee at PCC supports the design of courses, instructor training, and dedicated student support services. Read more to see if online learning is right for you.

hybrid iconHybrid classes

Hybrid classes are completed both in-person and online.  For example, you might attend a weekly lecture on-campus, and then take part in a class discussion online.   The amount of time spent on-campus varies between courses: check the class schedule for times.

Commitment of time

All credit classes require the same amount of time spent on instructional activities. For each credit you’re registered for, you can expect to spend 30-36 hours devoted to class time for the term. This includes class meetings and a variety of activities and studying that may or may not require you to attend class or login at a specific day and time. As a general rule, for every hour in class, plan for two hours of studying outside of class.