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Types of classes at PCC

PCC offers classes in several ways to better support the many ways our students learn. The class schedule includes:

in-person iconIn-person classes

  • In-person classes take place at specific times and locations listed in the schedule.
  • Due to COVID-19 closures, many classes are being held partially or fully remote at those specific days and times.
  • Class materials may be delivered in-person or online, depending on the class.

remote class iconRemote classes

  • Remote classes require students to be online at a specific day and time listed for participating in class activities, such as lectures or group work.
  • Class generally takes place over Zoom sessions.
  • Classes may have assignments which need to be completed online and outside of the regular class meeting times.

online iconOnline classes

  • Online classes do not have specified meeting times and are typically not live nor do they require students to be logged in at a specific time.
  • Regular online interaction is required between faculty and students for online classes.
  • All class materials are delivered online.
  • Classes do have specific assignment deadlines.
  • Some instructors may schedule optional, live, online meetings and office hours.