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The following top-level department directory is based on the college organizational chartsPlease let us know[opens in new window] if you spot any information that needs to be updated.

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors website »

Board of Directors

Zone 1 Representative Director, Denise Frisbee

Zone 2 Representative Vice Chair, Tiffani Penson

Zone 3 Representative Director, Michael Sonnleitner

Zone 4 Representative Director, Jim Harper

Zone 5 Representative Director, Dan Saltzman

Zone 6 Representative Chair, Mohamed Alyajouri

Zone 7 Representative Director, Alex Díaz Rios

Student Trustee Riley Turner

Executive Coordinator, Office of the President Jeannie Moton

Office of the President

PCC President, Mark Mitsui | Office of the President website »

Executive Coordinator, Office of the President Jeannie Moton

Government Relations Director, Emma Kallaway

Information Technology CIO, Michael Northover

Information Technology website »

Executive Assistant Tracy Walstead

Client Services Director, Terry Jolley

Enterprise Architect Manager, Joe Cheng

Information Security Chief Information Security Officer, Reet Juneja

Portfolio Manager Manager, Kathleen Freitag

Application Services Director, Greg Pitter

Infrastructure Services Director, Troy Berreth

Internal Auditor Jessica Johnson

Office of Equity and Inclusion Chief Diversity Officer, Tricia Brand

Program Administrator Traci Fordham

Executive Vice President

Sylvia Kelley

Community Engagement and Public Relations Director, Kate Chester

Public Relations Manager, James Hill

Foundation Executive Director, Ann Prater

Foundation website »

Operations and Finance Manager, Randy Zeller

Donor Engagement Manager, Christina Kline

Grants Director, Vanessa Wood

Human Resources Associate Vice President, Lisa Bledsoe

Human Resources website »

Administrative Services Director, Jennifer de Laix

Employment Services Manager, Alisa Hampton

HR Information Systems Manager, Julie Kinney

Employee and Labor Relations Manager, Cheryl Belt

Organizational Development Interim Director, Jackie Sandquist

Marketing and Communications Director, Greg Harris

Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center Director, Andrew Lattanner

Planning and Capital Construction Director, Linda Degman

Planning Manager, Rebecca Ocken

IT Project Manager, Debra Jarcho

Managing Architect Krista Phillips

Finance / Procurement Manager, John MacLean

Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Gina Valencia

Academic Affairs

Vice President, Katy Ho

Academic Affairs Interim Dean, Ann Cary

Community-Based Learning Coordinator, Hannah Cherry

Curriculum Support Division Manager, Anne Haberkern

Education Abroad Manager, Anne Frey

PACTEC / Dual Credit Program Manager, Beth Molenkamp

Institutional Effectiveness Director, Laura Massey

Library Dean, Michelle Bagley

Library website »

Access Services Manager, Kevin Edwards

Library Technology Manager, Maria Wagner

Online Learning Dean, Loraine Schmitt

Online Learning website »

Online Learning Division Manager, Heather Guevara

Online Student Services Manager, Andy Freed

Perkins, Title I, Accreditation Coordinator, Jan Wetzel Volinski

Title III Program Director , Elise Ferreira de Azevedo

Regional Community Workforce Development Director, Pam Hester

Student Affairs

Interim Vice President, Heather Lang

Enrollment Management Dean, Ryan Clark

Student Success Interim Dean, Sonya Bedient

Advising Redesign and Orientation Program Manager, Emmitt Wyche

Campus Outreach and Advocacy Project Coordinator, Caroline Bartlett

Counseling Director, Lisa Aasheim

Disability Services Directory, Kaela Parks

International Student Services Director, Allison Blizzard

Links College Programs Interim Director, Josh Laurie

Links High School Programs Interim Director, Jeff Laff

Finance and Administration

Vice President, Eric Blumenthal

Auxiliary Services Director, Ken Brown

Food and Vending Services Manager, Dianna Benting

Print Center Manager, Amber Mendel

Transportation and Parking Services Manager, Michael Kuehn

Bookstores Director, vacant

Facilities Management Interim Director, Brad Ortman

District Custodial Manager Manager, Frank Harris

Energy Manager, vacant

Facilities Operations Manager, Brad Ortman

Architect Manager, Donna Bezio

Facilities Support Services Manager, vacant

Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Cheryl Arpan

Sustainability Manager, Briar Schoon

Grounds Manager, Jack Lussier

Central Distribution Services Manager, Carlo DeMarco

Communications Manager, Heidi VanBrocklin

Financial Services Associate Vice President, Dina Farrell

Accounting Services Division Manager, Jim Crofts

Budget Division Manager, Tom Andrews

Bursar / Treasury Interim Bursar, Michelle Brown

Financial Systems Support Manager, Mike Arnold

Payroll Manager, Sarona-Lee Wilde

Safety / Risk Management Manager, Robert Gabris

Procurement Manager, Mike Mathews

Public Safety Director, Derrick Foxworth

Communications Coordinator, Christine Dibble

Emergency Manager, Brooke Loyd

Lieutenant vacant

Cascade Relations Manager, Abraham Proctor

Instruction Dean, Kurt Simonds

Allied Health, Emergency & Legal Services Division Dean, Janeen Hull

Art & Professions Division Dean, Dan Wenger

Liberal Arts and Pre-College Programs Interim Division Dean, Christopher Rose

Math, Science, Health & PE Division Dean, Alyson Lighthart

Student Development Dean, Vivian Miranda

Student Development Interim Associate Dean, Jason Pinkal

Academic Advising Coordinator, Dorothy Badri

Athletics Director, Brad Barbarick

Student Conduct and Retention Coordinator, Aleen Wilkinson

Career Exploration, Job & Internships Coordinator Coordinator, Becky Washington

Cascade TRIO SSS Program Director, General Johnson

Counseling Faculty Chair, Carly Clark

Information and Campus Scheduling Coordinator, Heidi Dombek

Multicultural Center Coordinator, Rachel Dixon

New Student Programs Coordinator, Lynn Robinson

Queer Resource Center Coordinator, Azul Da Silva

Student Life and Leadership Development Manager, Kendi Esary

Testing Center Coordinator, Semhal Yehdego

Veterans Resource Center Interim Coordinator, John Whitford

Woman’s Resource Center Coordinator, Rebecca Raymond

Rock Creek Campus

Rock Creek Campus website »

Community Relations Manager, Alfredo Moreno

Instruction Dean, Cheryl Scott

Business Applied Technology & College Preparation Division Dean, Andrew Roessler

Columbia County Programs Contact, Cheryl Scott

Facilities Coordinator, Kim Fox-Moran

Hillsboro Center Director, José Esparza

Math, Aviation & Industrial Technology Division Dean, Irene Giustini

Science & Technology Division Dean, Matthew Altman

Social Science, Communication & Health Division Dean, Jeremy Estrella

Academic Support Services Manager, Karin Gitchel

Student Development Dean, Ryan Aiello

Student Development Interim Associate Dean, Phil Christain

Academic Advising Coordinator, Pat Cottrill

Career Exploration Coordinator, Haydee Goldenberg

Counseling Chair, Jim Earley

Dream Center Coordinator, Luz De Villarroel

Information / Day Service Office Assistant I, vacant

Multicultural Center Coordinator, Eder Mondragon

New Student Programs Coordinator, Quynh Luu

Queer Resource Center Coordinator, Becky Springer

Student Conduct and Retention Coordinator, Charisse Loughery

Student Leadership and Intramurals Coordinator, Berto Cerrillo

Testing Center Coordinator, Cathie Paniagua

TRIO Educational Talent Search Program Director, Efrain Rivas-Flores

Veterans Resource Center Coordinator, Nick Hadley

Women’s Resource Center / New Directions Coordinator, Kiera Hansen

Southeast Campus

Southeast Campus website »

Community Relations Manager, Amy Bader

Instruction Interim Dean, Sarah Tillery

Liberal Arts and Pre-College Interim Associate Division Dean, Laura Sanders

Math, Science and CTE Interim Division Dean, Laura Horani

Teaching Learning Center Interim Specialist, Samm Erickson

Scheduling Campus Scheduler, Amber Fultz

Career Pathways and Skills Training Director, Kate Kinder Doyle

Student Development Dean, Lauren Smith

Student Development Associate Dean, Josh Peters McBride

Academic Advising Coordinator, Phil Christain

Career Exploration Center Coordinator, Jennifer Poinar

Counseling and Career Guidance Chair, Angelina Davis

Information Services Lead, Shauna Smith

Job and Internships Specialist, Emily Hordes

Multicultural Center Coordinator, Briana Stansbury

New Student Programs Advisor, Bryan Ruzicka

Queer Resource Center Coordinator, Nico Judd

Student Conduct and Retention Coordinator, Christina Shafer

Student Life and Leadership Interim Director, DeLinda Martin-Huggins

Testing Center Lead, Jasmin Huskic

Veterans Resource Center Coordinator, Christopher Hamreus

Women’s Resource Center Coordinator, Jess Amo

Community Relations Manager, Celina Baguiao

Instruction Dean, Karen Paez

Engineering & Industrial Technology Interim Division Dean, Diane Shingledecker

English & World Languages Division Dean, Julie Kopet

Arts, Performance, & Design Division Dean, Gene Flores

Science, Health & Nutrition Division Dean, Dieterich Steinmetz

Social Sciences & Human Development Division Dean, Dana Fuller

Health Professionals & Physical Education Division Dean, Karen Sanders

Math & College Success Division Dean, Tanya Batazhan

Teaching Learning Center Coordinator, Linda Fergusson-Kolmes

Newberg Center Director, Lynn Montoya Quinn

Student Development Dean, Vicky López Sánchez

Student Development Interim Associate Dean, Roberto Suarez

Advising Interim Coordinator, William Butler-Paisley

Career Exploration Center Coordinator, Rachel McMillen

Counseling Chair, Anne O'Reilly

Fostering Success Coordinator, Lisa Feinics

Information Desk Jerry Eshleman

Jobs & Internships Coordinator, George Knox

Multicultural Center Coordinator, Makerusa Porotesano

New Student Programs Coordinator, Jessie Levine

Queer Resource Center Coordinator, Mae Stephenson

Student Conduct and Retention Coordinator, Gina Loschiavo

Student Leadership Manager, Stephen Arthur

Testing Center Lead, Lee Miller

Veterans Resource Center Coordinator, Matt Blankenship

Women’s Resource Center Coordinator, Traci Boyle Galestiantz