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Contact us

The best way to communicate with us is through email: records@pcc.edu. Most issues require research and forms, which is difficult over the phone. Include in your message:

  • Your full name (and past names)
  • PCC ID number (or last 4 of your SSN and birth date)
  • Description of your issue
Waiting for your diploma?

Diplomas are printed and mailed 3-5 months after degrees have been awarded for the term. We appreciate your patience.

If you need a record of your degree or certificate, request a transcript. Mail is processed twice a week. For help accessing your account, see MyPCC login help.

As the custodians of PCC’s academic records, Student Records is responsible for processing incoming transcripts from other institutions, transfer credit evaluation, degree and certificate awarding, the commencement ceremony, and the integrity and confidentiality of students’ records.

How can we help you?

Most resources Student Records provides can be accessed online via MyPCC.

I want to…
View my final grades

To view final grades, log into MyPCC and visit the My Courses tab. Under the View My column will be a link to Grades. Confirm the term you want to view from the dropdown menu and click the submit button.

Instructors enter grades after finals week. If the grade for one of your courses isn’t available on MyPCC by the Tuesday after the term has ended, contact the instructor.

Order official transcripts

Requests for Official Transcripts may be made online, by fax, or by mail. Ordering transcripts online through MyPCC is the quickest way to get your transcript request processed.

Transfer credit from a prior institution

Credit from prior institutions is transferred upon student request. Read more about how to transfer credit from another institution to PCC.

Graduate from PCC

You can discover which classes you still need to take in order to graduate via your GRAD Plan. Find your GRAD Plan on the My Courses tab in MyPCC. In most cases, students at Portland Community College will automatically be awarded degrees and/or certificates upon completion of requirements for the student’s recorded program of study. Learn more about graduation here, including the difference between graduation and commencement!

Verify my enrollment

Enrollment verifications are processed through the National Student Clearinghouse and can be accessed via MyPCC. To obtain proof of your enrollment at PCC, click on Get Proof of Enrollment from the MyPCC Home tab.

Child attending school verifications are processed by Student Records at the Downtown Center. More information about child support for a child attending school (college), can be found on the Oregon Child Support website. Contact Oregon Child Support.

To verify your enrollment in a CEU course, request an official transcript be sent to the person or agency needing proof of enrollment.

Give permission to release your records

PCC must follow all applicable state and federal laws (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA), rules, and regulations that apply to student records. To give PCC permission to release any part of your student records, click on Consent to Release from the MyPCC Home tab or complete the Consent to Release form and return it to a campus Enrollment Services Office.

Questions or concerns about FERPA should be directed to the Registrar at pccregistrar@pcc.edu.

Update my name with PCC

Name changes are processed by campus Enrollment Services Offices/Answer Centers. All name changes require one piece of valid photo identification, a copy of an official name change document, and the Student Records Change Form with the student’s signature.

A student may prefer to use a first name that is different from their legal name. Also, they may want to have this first name appear instead of their legal first name in online rosters and in other college records and documents. The college allows this by setting a preferred first name.

Note: From MyPCC email account

Students can set their preferred first name via the admissions application or by emailing enroll@pcc.edu and it will appear on college records, such as MyPCC and the class roster. Some records, such as official transcripts and financial aid documents, that require the use of a legal name, will not include the preferred first name. For more information, please review preferred names at PCC.

Update my Social Security number with PCC

Social security number changes are processed by campus Enrollment Services Offices/Answer Centers. All Social security changes must be accompanied by a copy of a social security card, one piece of valid photo identification, and the Student Records Change Form with the student’s signature.

Appeal a grade or mark on my transcript

Exceptions to deadlines that affect a student’s transcript can be considered in cases of documented and significant extenuating circumstances. For directions, see the Grade Change on Academic Records Appeal Procedure.

Apply for Academic Fresh Start

Academic Fresh Start is intended for the student who has been unenrolled from PCC for seven or more years to remove an entire period of poor academic performance at PCC from the credits earned and Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation. To learn more, speak with an academic advisor or email records@pcc.edu.

Request a reverse transfer evaluation

Reverse Transfer is a program between Oregon’s community colleges and universities that offers students the opportunity to earn an associate degree or certificate from a community college after transferring to the 4-year institution. Select the appropriate category for your university or college below to get started today.