Register for classes

New students

If you’re getting started, complete the steps for new students. If you’ve taken these steps, congratulations! You’re ready to register.

Follow the steps below each term to enroll in classes, a manage your schedule, and get closer to your educational goals.

Credit classes

You can start registering for classes as soon as your registration time opens. Log in to MyPCC and click Register for classes on the MyPCC Home tab. For more detailed instructions, see how to register.

Non-credit classes

To take non-credit classes for fun or personal enrichment, see Community Ed registration. To take professional development non-credit classes, see Continuing Education registration.

After you register

The next step is to pay for your classes by the payment due date, which is generally two weeks before the first day of the term. If you register after the due date, payment is due immediately. If you do not have a payment arrangement in place by the due date, your course registrations may be deleted, which means you will lose your seat in your classes. Only registered students are allowed to attend class.

Need help?

If you’re having trouble, we’re here to help! See contact info.