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Your major and degree

Screenshot of MyPCC channel reading: My major, Interior Design, Design for accessiblity and aging in place. One year certificate. Learn more. Check progress.

Your major and degree in MyPCC

What is a major?

Your major is your program of study, and your degree is the specific degree or certificate that you are working towards. Check your major and degree on the MyPCC home tab.

How to change your major and degree

You may want to change your major because you have a new career goal or you want a program that’s eligible for financial aid. Here’s how:

Screenshot of MyPCC channel with change major

When you can change your major, you’ll see a link in the My Major channel.

  1. Wait till your window opens

    You can change your degree before the start of each term. Your window to change opens about two weeks before registration begins (see when to register). Your window closes when you register for classes.

  2. Choose your new degree

    When your window opens, a link will appear in the MyPCC My Major channel.

    • Be careful: if your degree is correct, don’t re-select it. This would assign you to a new catalog year and change your degree requirements. Click No Change to verify degree.
    • Some degrees, like nursing, are closed programs. To change your major to a closed program, you must apply with the academic program.
  3. Check your progress

    To see how close you are to graduating, click check progress. GRAD Plan shows what classes you still need to take. (If your degree isn’t showing yet, click What If and choose your new degree.)

Need help choosing?

PCC offers hundreds of degrees and certificates – it can be tough choosing the right one for you. Get help choosing a degree to match your goals at a Career Resource Center, or visit the Academic Track to learn the basics of choosing a degree. If you are planning on transferring to a four-year school, see the University Transfer site. You can also check out questions and answers about degrees and majors.