Always go to the first day of class

Attendance on the first day is mandatory. Instructors are allowed to drop you if you don’t attend, and many will do so to make room for waitlisted students. If your class is online, log in on the first day of the term and check participation requirements.

A plusIt’s up to the instructor to determine the consequences for absences. Find their policy in the class syllabus. Instructors have the right to:

  • lower grades
  • assign failing grades
  • assign additional work
  • drop students from class

Attendance and tuition

You will be billed for a class even if you don’t go or stop attending. The only way to remove the charge is to officially drop the class.

Financial aid and veteran benefits depend on regular attendance. If you miss too many classes, you can lose your funding. You can even get a bill requiring you to pay money back.

If you have to miss a class…

The most important thing you can do is communicate with your instructor. If you can’t attend, contact your instructor beforehand and make arrangements for making up missed work.