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Child attending school verifications

This information is regarding Child Attending School Confirmation and Written Consent for Disclosure for the Division of Child Support, for students who are attending PCC and who are receiving child support payments from their parents.

Child Attending School requests must be received and completed by Student Records only. These forms are sent to the student by the Child Support Division of the State of Oregon:

  • Child Attending School Confirmation
  • Written Consent for Disclosure or Claim of Risk

Students must complete and sign their portion of both forms before sending them to Student Records, (records@pcc.edu). Requests from all students are processed once each term in a batch, after the drop deadline to ensure we report your enrollment accurately. Typical processing time is 3-5 business days after the drop deadline, generally completed by the end of Week 2 of each term. Student Records will then submit the forms directly to the state.

Important note: A Written Consent for Disclosure must be on file in order to release information to the paying parent or any individual other than the student themselves.

How does PCC define enrollment statuses (e.g. full-time, half-time)?

For purposes of Child Attending School, you are considered to have full-time enrollment if you are registered for 12 or more credits in a single term. You are considered to have half-time enrollment if you are registered for a minimum of 6 credits and up to 11 credits in a single academic term. If you are registered for 5 or fewer credits, that is considered less than half-time.

How does PCC define satisfactory academic progress for this process?

You are considered to be maintaining satisfactory academic progress if your academic status is in any of the following:

  • Good Standing
  • Academic Warning
  • Academic Probation
  • Continued Probation

Important note: Only students who are in Academic Suspension status are not considered to be maintaining satisfactory academic progress, for the purposes of the Child Attending School verification. Students in Academic Warning, Academic Probation, or Continued Probation are considered to be maintaining adequate progress and are eligible to register for courses and continue their studies at PCC.

How do I submit my forms?

Forms must be submitted via email to the Student Records office at records@pcc.edu.

I have already registered for the term. Why can’t you submit my forms now?

PCC holds all forms until after the drop deadline for the term. This ensures that we are accurately reporting your enrollment status to the State.

Can my academic advisor or instructor complete these forms?

No. Only Student Records is authorized to complete these forms as the custodian of all official student records for the college.

How often do I need to complete these forms?

You will need to submit these forms each term you take classes.

How will I know when you have completed my forms?

Once your forms are complete and have been submitted to the state, you will receive a confirmation email sent to your MyPCC email.

What information will you share with my parents?

In order to release any information, A Written Consent of Disclosure must be on file. Paying parent information requests are limited to unofficial transcripts unless you authorize the release of other information.

I’m a parent who is paying child support. Why are you not able to release any information to me?

PCC does not automatically release information. A Written Consent of Disclosure must be on file and your request must be in writing. Paying parent information requests are limited to unofficial transcripts unless your student specifically authorizes the release of other information.

Who can I contact if I have questions or need help with these forms?

As the custodians of records for the college, Student Records is the only department authorized to complete these forms, please contact us directly at records@pcc.edu.