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Enrollment verification

What is enrollment verification?

Enrollment verification is a statement verifying that a student is enrolled in classes during a given term. Enrollment verifications will indicate whether the student is enrolled as a part-time, half-time, or full-time student and for which terms they were enrolled. Enrollment verifications are processed through the National Student Clearinghouse and can be accessed via MyPCC.

How to get enrollment verification

  1. Log in to MyPCC
  2. Click Get Proof of Enrollment in the Quick Links channel

Who does enrollment verifications?

The National Student Clearinghouse provides enrollment verification while maintaining privacy in compliance with FERPA. They can be contacted at:

The National Student Clearinghouse
2300 Dulles Station Blvd. Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171
703-742-4200, Fax: 703-742-4239

When can I get enrollment verification?

Enrollment verifications are available a few days after the drop period, generally by the third week of the term. However, if your class does not begin until later in the term, it will not be available until after the class has begun.

Who needs enrollment verification?

Certain agencies and companies need enrollment verifications in order to provide services. Some examples are:

  • Health Insurance
  • Employment Agencies
  • Government Agencies
  • Apartments/Housing Authority
  • Scholarships
  • Banks/Credits Unions


If enrollment verification is not available for you in MyPCC, check for the following problems:

  • It may be too early: Enrollment verifications are only available for a certain period. If you try to get an enrollment verification certificate before this time, it will not be available.
  • You’re enrolled in a CEU course: To verify your enrollment in a CEU course, request an official transcript be sent to the person or agency needing proof of enrollment.
  • We don’t have your social security number: The National Student Clearinghouse searches by your Social Security Number. If you have not provided PCC with your social security number you will not be able to get a certificate through MyPCC. You will either need to print an unofficial transcript, order an official transcript, or contact Enrollment Services.

Special circumstances

There are a few instances when you will not be able to get enrollment verification from the National Student Clearinghouse. For these verifications, you must contact Enrollment Services. Some examples are:

  • Non-Credit Courses
  • Alaska Department of Revenue
  • Anticipated Graduation Date
  • GED® Courses
  • Canadian Insurance
  • Social Security

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