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PCC ID numbers

During the summer of 2006, PCC converted college record-keeping systems for students, staff, and faculty to a unique, randomly generated identification number.

PCC made this change in order to minimize the risk of ID fraud, protect privacy, and comply with state and federal regulations.

As of August 14, 2006, all students, staff, and faculty will be assigned a new ID number. This is true even if you used a non-social security ID before (commonly referred to as 900 numbers). The new ID number will start with the letter ‘G’.

To provide a smooth transition, students may use either their social security number, their prior 900 number, or the new PCC ID number when doing business with the college. However, everyone will be encouraged to use the new PCC ID as the safest, most secure way to do business at the college.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why does PCC still ask for my Social Security Number?
    PCC will continue to request Social Security Numbers at the time of application for a variety of reasons having to do with student record-keeping and financial aid. The Social Security Number will not be used as the student ID number. For more information, see how PCC uses your number.
  • How can I find my Student ID number?
    You can find out your ID by logging into MyPCC and clicking on the “My Profile” link on the Home tab. You may also see your PCC ID referenced on various letters and other information that you receive from the college.
  • Can I get a PCC ID card?
    Beginning fall 2007 PCC moved to a photo ID card for all credit students. To obtain a photo ID card visit any campus Admissions and Registration office.