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Reverse transfer

What is it?

Reverse Transfer is a program between Oregon’s community colleges and universities that offers students the opportunity to earn an associate’s degree or certificate from a community college after transferring to the 4-year institution. Select the appropriate category for your university or college below to get started today.

Why do it?

There are many benefits to earning an associate’s degree, even after transferring to a 4-year college or university:

  • People with an associate’s degree have an easier time obtaining employment and earn an average of $500,000 more during their lifetime than people with a high school diploma.
  • It will help you stay motivated: Students who receive an associate’s degree through Reverse Transfer are more likely to stay on track to earn their bachelor’s degree.
  • An associate’s degree can help you acquire better jobs and internships while still in school and having both an associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree on your resume reflects a broader view of your education and is more enticing to employers.
  • If for any reason you must postpone your studies in your bachelor’s program, you’ll have an associate’s degree to reflect your hard work.
  • If you find it necessary to take a break in your education, re-entering a university in the future will be a much easier and quicker process if you have an associate’s degree.
  • Holding an associate’s degree can help you qualify for scholarships and financial aid at a university.

How do I get started?

The Reverse Transfer process will depend on where you are currently enrolled.

University of Oregon

If you are currently enrolled at UO, you can opt-in for Reverse Transfer via DuckWeb. From the Student Menu, click on “Reverse College Transfer.” If you are eligible for PCC Reverse Transfer, you will see PCC listed on the page. Click on the opt-in button to participate in UO’s Reverse Transfer Program with PCC.

If eligible, UO will automatically send PCC your UO transcripts for the purpose of Reverse Transfer at the end of every term* in which you earn credit until the point in time that UO has received notice of your associate’s degree from PCC. Eligible means that you have:

  • Transferred at least 24 credits from PCC to UO
  • Not yet applied to graduate from UO
  • Have at least 90 credits overall earned at all institutions (UO + transfer credits)
  • Do not yet have a 2-year degree posted at UO

*If you think you already meet the requirements for a PCC associate’s degree, you can click on “Send Transcript Now” rather than waiting for the end of the term.

All other Oregon universities and 4-year colleges

If you are currently enrolled at any other 4-year institution in Oregon, you can request a free Reverse Transfer evaluation by simply emailing reversetransfer@pcc.edu with the following information:

PCC ID (if known; do NOT email your SSN or DOB)
Last Term at PCC
Phone Number
University/college you are currently attending


Contact us at reversetransfer@pcc.edu.