Navigating the Impact of Global Violence and Grief

Navigating the impact of global violence and griefViolent events have an impact. You may feel fear, anger, anxiety, grief, or a loss of control. You may be worried for your safety or the safety of others. If you have experienced similar events in the past, you might be having bad dreams or traumatic memories.

PCC Counselors are available to registered students for brief, drop-in counseling sessions. No appointment needed.

  • Mondays 11am-12pm

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Spring 2024 groups and workshops

All centers will be open for in-person and remote sessions! Join us for these groups and workshops:

  • Groups
    • Coping skills for stress
    • Grief and loss
    • Take charge of your healing
    • Queer and/or gender diversity
  • Workshops
    • Time management for college success
    • Five senses garden walk
    • Managing test anxiety
    • Cultivating compassion and self care
    • Reducing stress through gratitude
    • Healthy boundaries
    • Navigating ADHD
    • Many roads to mental health
    • Effective communication
    • Untwist your thinking

Drop-in support

Academic Stress Management Support

Academic stress management

A drop in opportunity for enrolled students. Create helpful habits and routines while managing the stress of being a student. Get one-on-one support.

  • Thursdays 10am-12pm

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