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Single solution sessions

At a glance

Solution sessions are:

  • Available to PCC students registered in credit classes
  • 45 minutes in length
  • Scheduled by appointment
  • Visits with a PCC Counselor
  • Helpful for brief problem-solving and planning

What are solution sessions?

Solution Sessions are 45 minute single counseling sessions to help students resolve a concern or to help them get “unstuck” so that they can continue on with their studies and their lives.

These sessions are with Counseling Center counselors who will guide students through the process.

Who is eligible?

Students who are enrolled in for-credit courses at PCC are eligible for solutions sessions.

Alternatively, non-Credit students may drop in to Social Work Drop In Hours to get personalized assistance in locating services in the community based on their resources and needs.

How to schedule?

A student can access a single solution session by completing a counseling request form online and indicating that they would like a solution session. They can also call the counseling center and ask for a Solution Session. They will be scheduled for a session within 2 business days.

What if a student is in crisis?

Solution Sessions are not crisis counseling sessions. Students in crisis should access local or national resources such as the County Crisis Lines or Walk In Crisis Centers.

What if a student needs more sessions?

Counselors will chat with students at the close of the Solution Session about their options.

Since the Counseling Center is often at full capacity, sometimes there is a wait to see a counselor regularly. Solution Sessions are meant to help students make some progress while they wait for an opening on the schedule.