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Information Technology

Service Desk: 971-722-4400 | servicedesk@pcc.edu


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Two of the biggest security problems on campus are the failure to assign passwords to individual computers and the use of weak, guessable passwords that cannot withstand automated password cracking attempts. Learn how you can protect your accounts and devices on the Security Awareness Training and Education (SATE) resource page

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Need help? IT is about solutions, and we are here to help. Contact the Service Desk at 971.722.4400 or by email to servicedesk@pcc.edu

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IT provides computing, communications, and technology infrastructure services and support for Portland Community College. IT is part of the office of the President. We have teams on every campus and provide around-the-clock technology support for the PCC community.


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Note: Listed timeframes shown for maintenance does not imply a service outage. Generally, if we believe there will be an interruption of services, IT will further communicate scheduled maintenance out to the college.