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About us


To be a nationally recognized standard for Higher Education Information Technology organizations by providing predictable, quality and cost-effective service to Portland Community College and driving excellence in education through technology innovation.


Enable Student Success
We leverage technology, innovation, and the passion of our employees to support opportunity & equitable student success.

Optimize Enterprise Architecture
By making the right technology and investment choices through intentional design practices, we ensure our solutions are optimally aligned to stakeholder needs and are intelligently architected, maintainable, sustainable, equitable, and inclusive.

Secure the Institution
The privacy and protection of our students, faculty, and staff is our primary concern. We achieve this by executing a proactive and ongoing strategy against all forms of cyber attacks. In doing so, we protect the institution from risk and ensure regulatory compliance.

Deliver Operational Excellence
We embrace a culture of process efficiency, productivity, and client service. We strive for district-wide consistency of internally and externally facing IT services while being agile enough to support local needs.

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Division overview

IT organization structure diagram
IT encompasses diverse teams with a wide array of talent, expertise, and knowledge across the spectrum of technology in use at PCC. While our focus is technology, IT teams greatly value the relationships built while contributing to the overall success of faculty and staff at PCC.

Office of the CIO – Incorporates business and support services for the IT department. IT Administrative Support staff coordinate these activities and provide logistical support to all of IT.

  • Information Security – includes a manager and cybersecurity specialist who are technical experts in the area of cybersecurity and the tools and processes required to protect PCC’s cyber assets and its user community. They continually monitor our systems and services and manage the response to any threats.
  • Project Management Officeincludes a manager and coordinator who are responsible for providing an accurate, visible, and transparent IT Portfolio in order to use data to help make outcome-driven decisions and monitor client expectations. This group also assists staff with IT Portfolio tools training and the TDX project request process.
  • Enterprise Architect – by mapping how human and technical systems use information in relation to the College’s mission, and how that use will change as those systems evolve, the Enterprise Architecture office offers insight into how best to design and plan the College’s IT resource investments.

Infrastructure Services Division – includes Telecommunications, Network Infrastructure, Server Admin, and the Network Operations Center (NOC)

  • Infrastructure and Voice Services – supporting inside/outside plant, VoIP and telephony services
  • Network Infrastructure – supporting all WAN (Wide Area Network), LAN (Local Area Network), routing, switching, firewall, and intrusion prevention services
  • Server Admin – supporting a ~600 Windows/Unix/Linux server environment
  • Operations – incident response and continuous monitoring of the entire IT environment

Application Services Division – includes Banner Support, Web Development, and Applications Support and Development.

  • Banner – a manager and team of developers supporting the College’s ERP system
  • Web Services – supports all aspects of PCC’s online content
  • Enterprise Applications – led by a manager, this team provides business process analysis and builds applications in support of college services and departments

Client Services Division – includes Campus Technology Support, Media Services, and Customer Support & Communications:

  • Campus Technology Support – led by Campus Managers and include local campus teams and media services staff supporting the computers and technology in your workspace and classrooms. You may work with them when you’re getting a new computer installed or having difficulty with your current computer, printer or other technical issues. Campus Managers are located at Sylvania, Cascade, Rock Creek, and Southeast and their teams provide services for all campuses and centers throughout the district.
    • Computer & Technology – provides computer and general hardware/software support for both instructional and administrative areas
    • Media Services – provides all audiovisual support necessary in conference rooms and classrooms to facilitate the instructional goals of PCC.
    • Computer Lab Coordinators – provides student support in campus computer labs including Computer Resource Centers and Student Computing Centers across the district.
  • Customer Support and Communications – if you have a problem or need assistance, start with us.
    • IT Service Desk – have a computer issue? Let the IT Service Desk solve it over the phone! We have a talented team with a variety of skill sets, and we are here to help you.
    • Training – provides basic support, training, and resources to help employees build skills in PCC enterprise systems and office computing.
IT group photo

2018 Annual Information Technology In-Service. The PCC IT team is over 100 strong and proud to serve all campuses and centers, all employees, faculty, and students.

CIO and IT Divisions

Michael Northover, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Phone: 971-722-8508
Email: michael.northover@pcc.edu

Tracy Walstead, Executive Assistant
Phone: 971-722-8507
Email: tracy.walstead@pcc.edu

Office of the CIO

Terry Jolley, Director, Client Services
Phone: 971-722-8510
Email: terry.jolley@pcc.edu

Troy Berreth, Director, Application and Infrastructure Services
Phone: 971-722-8444
Email: troy.berreth@pcc.edu

Reet Kaur, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Phone: 971-722-4996
Email: reet.kaur@pcc.edu

Joseph Cheng, Manager, Enterprise Architecture
Phone: 971-722-4165
Email: jcheng@pcc.edu

Ida Hadgu, Manager, IT Portfolio
Phone: 971-722-4886
Email: ida.jones@pcc.edu

IT Organization Chart