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Microelectronics Technology

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A Future in Manufacturing

STEM Camp canceled

In accordance with the latest state recommendations, the STEM camp scheduled for March 20 through March 23 is canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Oregon’s manufacturers include the largest private employers in the state.  The Integrated Circuit industry saw huge growth in the 1990’s, and the 2000’s have seen major developments in Photovoltaic Solar Cells. All of these facilities are still producing, and hiring new technicians.

The large semiconductor manufacturing base, and growth, in Oregon brings with it a need for qualified technicians. Microelectronics technicians in the semiconductor industry are a vital part of this market. PCC’s Microelectronics Program allows you to enter the world of microelectronics and solar manufacturing, providing you the opportunity to learn the entire fabrication processes of IC’s(Integrated Circuits) and PV’s (Photo Voltaic cells), and learn to maintain and repair the advanced process equipment and automation used by these high volume manufacturing industries.

Approximately 85% of graduates from PCC’s Microelectronic Technology program are hired by the semiconductor industry immediately before or after graduation. Many semiconductor laboratories and clean rooms in the Portland area rely on the skills we deliver to our graduates, which include mathematics, physics, chemistry, and electronics. As a technician, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a clean room or lab for some of the most reputable semiconductor manufacturers in the U.S.

Info sessions

We are not offering in-person information sessions at this time. To attend an online information session, please email mt-advising-group@pcc.edu. Sessions are held every Wednesday evening from 5-6pm.

The next open term for Microelectronics classes will be fall (September). In the meantime, there may be classes you can take, like math and general education, that we can advise you on.

Questions? Contact Eric Kirchner, Department Chair or Jenny Kirchler, Program Advisor.

See Degree Options for more details on these programs.

Small World After All

microelectronics student in the lab

PCC’s Microelectronics Technology program has earned a reputation for excellence. In contrast to similar programs, our program is specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry. It enjoys a strong partnership with local semiconductor manufacturers. You can equip yourself for success by acquiring skills that are in high demand while benefiting from these strong industry partnerships.

Why does local semiconductor giant Intel want to hire IC technicians from PCC’s Microelectronics Technology program? Because PCC Microelectronics Technology graduates are highly successful as employees.

Usually each year local semiconductor companies make Internships specifically available to students in the MT program.  Hired students are provided paid part-time jobs, and may have their books and tuition reimbursed. See Scholarship Opportunities for more information for some examples of past internships and scholarships.