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Program overview

Where is the program offered?

Most Microelectronics Technology classes have a lab component and must be taken at Rock Creek. Some equivalent courses are available in the Engineering and Electronic Engineering Technology programs at the Sylvania Campus.

Related general education courses in writing, math, physics, chemistry, etc. may be taken at any PCC campus.

When can I start?

You can start taking credit classes that apply toward a Microelectronics Technology degree at the beginning of any term. Note that first-year sequences must start in fall or winter terms. Second-year sequences start in the fall term. Most first-year courses must be completed before starting the second year. See the academic calendar for term start dates.

What are the costs of the entire program?

See current costs on the PCC tuition webpage. With fees, the program costs about $2,000 per term and books cost about $500. The AAS comes to about $13,000 and books to about $1,300-$2,100.

Have any questions?

Email mt-advising-group@pcc.edu with any questions you may have about the MT program. You may also email the department chair, Eric Kirchner.