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Investigate the microscopic to understand the macroscopic properties in your everyday life. We have a variety of classes to fit your needs, including preparatory classes for those who have never had chemistry before. It’s not too late to pursue your dreams of being a doctor, engineer or veterinarian. We offer the inexpensive opportunity to take the prerequisite courses for many professional programs.

At PCC, students are engaged in the Chemistry classroom through a variety of teaching styles including interactive group work, demonstrations, and discussions. In our labs you have the opportunity for hands-on experience with high quality instrumentation and equipment. Come join us. Chemistry is fun!

Organic Chemistry transfer

  • Organic Chemistry series transfers as upper division credit to OSU, U of O, and PSU if your grade is a C or better and you pass the ACS exam in the 50th percentile or better.


In addition to the PCC scholarship opportunities, many PCC Chemistry students have earned scholarships and valuable research internships from:

What's Next?

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  1. Complete the steps for new students
    • The admissions form will ask you what you plan to study. Since we don't offer a degree or certificate in this subject, you should choose Associate of Arts - Oregon Transfer (AAOT) for now.
  2. Plan how you'll pay for college
  3. Plan your transfer