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Two-year transfer plan

Completing your freshman and sophomore years at PCC? This guide will show what you need to do, and approximately when it’s best to do it. Planning ahead will help you graduate on time.

This plan is for a full-time student. Depending on your situation, it may take longer than two years – that’s okay!

Start of your first year

up to 18 credits of 100-200 level courses

End of your first year

19 to 44 credits of 100-200 level courses

  • Make a decision about your future major. Need help? Experts at Career Services¬†know which majors lead to the type of work you want to do.
  • Make a list of four-year schools that interest you.
  • Meet with a PCC advisor to choose your PCC degree and discuss dual enrollment.
  • Go visit potential schools, or talk to a school rep: see events and school visits.
  • Register for the classes shown in your GRAD Plan.

Start of your second year

45 to 74 credits of 100-200 level courses

  • Make a decision about which schools you’ll apply to.
  • Fill out admissions and financial aid forms for your future school.
  • Meet with an advisor from your future school about requirements for your major.
  • Register for PCC classes specific to your future major.

End of your second year

75 to 89 credits of 100-200 level courses