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Microelectronics Technology: Automated Manufacturing, associate degree

Microelectronics student in the lab working with equipment

This degree option was added in 2009 in response to the high automation used in solar module assembly and the increased use of automation used by many local manufacturers. This technology involves a lot of robotics, controllers, materials delivery systems, and factory control systems.

This option removes the process related courses (including chemistry, vacuum, and plasma technology) and adds courses in programming and logic controllers.

Award information

Degrees and certificates by number of terms to complete
Award Length Financial aid eligible Currently accepting students?
Associate Degree: Microelectronics Technology: Automated Manufacturing2 years

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Course listing for the 2021-2022 catalog year.

Plan of Study Grid
First TermCredits
MT 101 Introduction to Semiconductor Manufacturing 1
MT 102 Introduction to Semiconductor Devices 1
MT 104 Introduction to Solar Voltaic Processing 1
MT 111A DC and AC Electronics Intro 1 4
MTH 111 Precalculus I (or higher) * 5
WR 121 College Composition 4
Second Term
CIS 179 Data Communication Concepts I 4
CS 161 Computer Science I 4
MT 112A DC and AC Electronics 1 4
MT 121 Digital Systems I 3
WR 227 Technical and Professional Writing 1 4
Third Term
CS 162 Computer Science II 4
MT 108
or MTH 243
Statistics for Process Control
or Statistics I
MT 122 Digital Systems II 3
MT 113A Applications of Semiconductor Devices 2 2
MT 113B Applications of Semiconductor Devices II 2 2
MT 131
or ELT 125
Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers
or Basic Programmable Logic Controllers
Fourth Term
CIS 278 Data Communication Concepts II 4
COMM 130 Business & Professional Communication 4
MT 150 Hand Tools for Assembly of Mechanical Systems 1
MT 180 High Tech Employment Strategies 1
MT 224 Process Equipment I 3
PHY 201
or PHY 211
General Physics
or General Physics (Calculus)
Fifth Term
COMM 215 Communicating in Teams and Small Groups * 4
MT 227 Process Equipment II 3
Automation Elective (PLC track) 3 (2)
General Education: 1 course
Sixth Term
MT 222 Quality Control Methods in Manufacturing 3
MT 228 Process Equipment III 4
Automation Elective (PLC track ONLY) 3 (2)
Automation Elective (Microcomputer track ONLY) 3 4
General Education: 1 Course
 Total Credits91

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