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Instructor doing a physics experiment at the front of a classroom

Why choose Physics at PCC?

Physics is the scientific discipline that describes the natural universe at its most fundamental level. Physics provides you a new understanding of how the world is ordered and appreciation of its beauty.

Degrees and certificates

PCC offers many options to meet your goals: short-term certificates, two-year degrees, and university transfer options.

Degrees and certificates by number of terms to complete
Award Length Financial aid eligible Currently accepting students?
University transfer 2 years at PCC + 2 years at university

What will you learn?

Subjects of instruction include:

  • Atoms, matter, and heat
  • Force, motion and energy
  • Galaxies and cosmology
  • Solar system
  • Stars and stellar evolution

What will you do?

Physics is relevant to a broad range of academic pursuits including chemistry, biology, engineering, medicine, and liberal arts.

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