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Why study history?

The reasons are many, but quite simply because it is the story of US. It is what makes our shared human experience meaningful. Having a sense of history is what makes us unique! Only humans record their history through the things we write, sing, paint, sculpt, or build, and only humans analyze their history to try and make sense of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we may be headed.

Studying history also builds essential skills for working and living in the 21st century, from people and communication skills to knowledge of the global world and participative citizenship. The great issues we face today—war, racism, class and gender inequity, economic conflict, etc.—have many parallels in past events. Careful study of how earlier generations dealt with those problems can shed light on the critical questions of the present and can help us to resolve those issues more effectively. By learning to analyze the past, we can collectively work toward a better future.

To learn more, contact any PCC History faculty, or check out the History Relevance Campaign.

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Portland Community College offers a wide variety of History courses covering different areas, eras, and topics in History. In addition to United States, Western Civilization, and Eastern Civilization survey courses, the PCC History department has specialty classes on Russia, the Holocaust, Women, Native Americans, Religion in the United States, and Oregon. Specific course offerings vary by campus and term, but every PCC campus offers History courses.

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