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Is what you are doing right now positively affecting someone else's life? If you are a teacher, the answer is probably "yes." If you want to dedicate your life to educating others, PCC is the right place to start. Whether you are in search of a rewarding career change into the field of education or re-energizing your approach through re-licensing classes, PCC is here to help you help others.

PCC offers a variety of options for those interested in the field of education, from an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree for four-year degree seekers wishing to become teachers to degrees in disciplines such as library assistant and paraeducation (instructional assisting).

If you want to do something with your life that will make a difference – teach. Meet with an academic advisor.

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PCC offers Associates Degrees and One Year Certificates in Paraeducation, preparing students to immediately enter the workforce as an instructional assistant in K-12 schools, special education, and ESL classrooms.
Teacher Transfer Options
PCC's Education Department offers transferable degrees for students seeking four-year degrees in education.
Teacher Relicensing
PCC can help you keep your teaching license current.