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Paraprofessional Educator, less than 1 year certificate

Paraeducation student working with a child

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Award Length Financial aid eligible Currently accepting students?
Certificate: Paraprofessional EducatorLess than 1 year

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Course listing for the 2022-2023 catalog year.

ED 100Introduction to Education for Paraeducators3
or ED 224 Foundations of Education
ED 123Instructional Strategies: Reading3
ED 124Instructional Strategies: Mathematics/Science3
ED 136Learning with Technology3
or ED 102 Digital and Visual Communication Fundamentals
ED 217Classroom Management3
ED 251Overview of Exceptional Learners3
ED 252Behavior Management3
ED 258Multicultural Education: Principles3
or ED 259 Multicultural Education: Applications
ED 263Portfolio Development2
ED 270Practicum I3
ED 290Sheltered Instruction for English Language Learners3
or ED 291 Bilingual and ESL Strategies
Total Credits32

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