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Literature courses at PCC enhance the enjoyment of literature and encourage the exploration of other voices, cultures, and time periods by introducing students to a broad spectrum of works, writers, conventions, and canons. By reading, interpreting, and situating a variety of literature, students of all disciplines are able to read multi-layered texts more critically, think and analyze more creatively, synthesize information more effectively and write prose more specifically and masterfully.

Note: Literature courses are listed in the class schedule under the ENG prefix.

Program Overview

Portland Community College offers a wide range of literature courses. The genre-based Introduction to Literature sequence teaches how to read, discuss, and write about fiction (ENG 104), drama (ENG 105), and poetry (ENG 106).

Survey course sequences provide a broad overview of the literature of a region of the world (such as Asian Literature), or of a country (such as Survey of American Literature), or of a people (such as African American Literature), or of a particular author (Shakespeare).

The Literature program's 200-level specialty courses focus on the literature of a particular ethnic group (such as Native American Literature, Latin American Literature, Asian American Literature), or a particular kind of writing (Biography and Autobiography, Folklore and Mythology), or particular issues and topics (Images of Women in Literature, International Political Poetry, Bible as Literature).

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