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Areas of Study

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Creative Writing

Are you looking to stimulate and improve your own imaginative writing? The PCC creative writing program offers you the opportunity to study with instructors who provide unique approaches to creative writing. Expect to write a great deal, learn critical terminology, and spend class time discussing your own and others' writing.

English Composition

The goal of the Composition Program is to provide students with the opportunity to practice those writing skills which will enable them to write successfully in all their college courses. By the end of the program, students should be skillful at reading analytically and critically; their writing should demonstrate an understanding of organization, audience, voice, and the conventions of college-level written English.

Technical Writing
Technical writing is ubiquitous in the contemporary workplace. Students from disciplines as diverse as business, engineering, information technology, law and science benefit from taking technical writing courses by learning how to analyze and communicate specialized information and to adapt their visuals, formats and writing styles to the specific audiences and needs of their fields. These courses emphasize the precise use of language and graphics to communicate complex technical and procedural information safely, legally and ethically and focus on career-specific writing such as proposals, letters, memoranda, lab reports, and/or work reports. (See the Writing catalog and class schedule for Technical Writing classes.)

Not quite ready for credit courses in writing?

Developmental Education Writing can help you prepare for PCC's college credit programs. Many students already enrolled in credit courses take developmental classes as needed to meet the requirements of their degree program.


The Writing Centers, available on all campuses, are valuable resources for students needing help writing papers. We are open five days a week. The Writing Center is staffed by instructors in the Writing Program and by peer tutors (students who have completed WR 121, 122, 123 and are enrolled in a tutor-training class.) The Writing Center can provide help from the very beginning (brainstorming ideas) to the very end (editing your paper) of a paper in any department at Portland Community College. You are encouraged to come in with a quick question as you finish a paper, but the tutors think students do best who see them early in the process of doing a paper!

Other useful resources are the Computer Resource Centers, the Library, and the GoPrint Manager that allows you to print documents on campus.