Machine Manufacturing Technology

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Machine Made: Tools to Succeed

machine manufacturing production lab

Machine manufacturing has evolved quickly and substantially in the last few decades. Since the 1950s, computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines have helped the industry achieve greater consistency and standardization. Now, a half-century later, machine operators use computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software to control, manipulate and manage precision tool production. Machine manufacturing and tool dies have become increasingly valuable, especially in the production of high-precision tools for high-tech manufacturing and large industrial construction. With such dramatic advancements over time, it pays to have a solid foundation in the art and mathematical science of machine manufacturing.

That’s exactly what you’ll get at PCC. In our machine-manufacturing program, we provide the skills you need to begin a career with the fundamental machining skills and concepts proven over time. Our program provides an opportunity to learn with self-paced, modular courses that provide you with necessary fundamental skills, helping you keep pace with the industry and advance your career.

Degrees and Certificates

  • Associate of Applied Science in Machine Manufacturing Technology
  • CNC Turning certificate
  • CNC Milling certificate
  • Manufacturing Technician certificate
  • Manual Machining Certificate

See the catalog for information regarding program requirements.

Flexible Courses, Fitting Needs

The Machine Manufacturing Technology (MMT) program has been developed specifically in a modular self-paced format, allowing the student to attend courses on a schedule they choose (days or evenings). The program is designed to fit the needs of the student (take one or more modules as you desire); self-paced (learn at your own speed); flexible (select your own attendance schedule, days or evenings); and individualized (a course of study can be tailor-made to fit specific needs).

Existing MMT students are given priority enrollment until the final day of the previous term. New students will be admitted after that time until a predetermined enrollment count is reached. Consult a program advisor through the department to help plan a course of study that will allow you to achieve your educational goals.

What's Next?

  1. Apply for admission to PCC.
  2. Follow the new student checklist.
  3. Log in to myPCC and use GRAD plan to map out and determine any program prerequisite courses you need for program entry.
  4. Attend a shop/program orientation session. Bring a copy of your GRAD plan map and COMPASS test scores for review.
  5. Your instructor/advisor will give you an override that allows you to enroll for Machining courses.
  6. Purchase required tools.