Facilities Maintenance Technology

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Breathe easily at work today? Sound simple? It’s not if you’re in charge of maintaining the HVAC/R system for a large building complex, where variables such as outdoor air temperature, heating and cooling equipment, and computerized system controls are integral to providing a pleasant and safe work environment for hundreds of employees. While most of us take for granted our work environments, a facilities maintenance technician knows there’s more to building maintenance than just fresh air.

With PCC's Facilities Maintenance Technology - HVAC/R (FMT - HVAC/R) programs, you can learn the skills and concepts necessary to install, operate, maintain and repair piping and mechanical systems in large commercial, medical, institutional and industrial buildings. In our programs, you can also learn troubleshooting skills, problem-solving methods and electrical concepts, which are critical to large employers.

Real Skills, Real Experience

Whether you’re interested in taking classes only in refrigeration technology or in earning an Associate of Applied Science in FMT - HVAC/R, our program offers a variety of classes, certification, and the opportunity to participate in on-the-job training. We have lecture and lecture/lab classes that give you a strong foundation in general maintenance skills, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R); we also offer an optional Employment Skills Training (EST) certificate Our training is heavy in heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Several industries, from semi-conductor manufacturers to large hospitals, seek graduates of our program. The FMT - HVAC/R program at PCC is renowned for providing students with a unique set of critical thinking skills that set them apart. In addition, most FMT - HVAC/R faculty possess advanced degrees and proven work experience in their fields.

By obtaining our associate degree, you gain a competitive edge: Instead of maintaining and repairing equipment, it may mean you manage equipment and plan for the future. We offer Cooperative Work Experience as part of the FMT - HVAC/R associate degree program. Under this program, you may work at any number of area facilities for approximately 240 hours. An agreement is made between the student, the FMT - HVAC/R program and an employer, and your grade is based on a student evaluation completed by your employer. Such real world experience allows you to gain the skills that make you more employable.

In addition to the PCC career guidance office, our FMT - HVAC/R program maintains a job announcements bulletin board. Employers regularly contact the FMT - HVAC/R program seeking qualified technicians, and our technicians enjoy a high rate of placement. Another major benefit is that our program’s advisory committee is composed of those who work in the industry. This means you’ll receive tours and demonstrations relevant to prospective employers.