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Facilities Maintenance Technology, associate degree

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Associate Degree: Facilities Maintenance Technology2 years

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Course listing for the 2022-2023 catalog year.

APR 162Calculations for the Trades §4
ARCH 162Commercial Print Reading2
ELT 125Basic Programmable Logic Controllers2
ELT 126Intermediate Programmable Logic Controllers (PC Based)2
ELT 201Electrical Motor Control2
ELT 204Adjustable Speed Drives2
ELT 220OSHA 30 Hr Safety Training3
ELT 225Advanced Programmable Controllers, PC Based2
FMT 100Introduction to Facilities Maintenance Systems2
FMT 101Refrigeration I2
FMT 102Refrigeration II2
FMT 103Refrigeration III2
FMT 111Refrigeration Electrical I2
FMT 112Refrigeration Electrical II2
FMT 113Refrigeration Electrical III2
FMT 119Water Treatment and Distribution2
FMT 122Introduction to Boilers3
FMT 125Natural Gas Equipment I2
FMT 177Introduction to Applied Technologies for the Trades3
FMT 201Introduction to Chiller Systems3
FMT 202Direct Digital Control Advanced Technology3
FMT 207Pneumatic Controls2
FMT 222Intermediate Boilers3
FMT 280ACooperative Work Experience8
PHY 101Force, Motion, and Energy *4
PSY 101Psychology and Human Relations *4
Facilities Maintenance Program Electives 14
General Education: 2 courses
Total Credits90

Could be used as General Education


 Course cannot be substituted for another course.

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