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Facilities Maintenance Technology

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Students new to this program must test at or above MTH 20, WR 90 or ESOL 262, and RD 90 or ESOL 260. Placement tests are available by calling 971-722-5234. If you are a returning student and are getting a prerequisite error message when registering, please call the department. If you are a Stationary Engineer apprentice, please select your core class from the Apprenticeship listings in this schedule. Textbooks for these classes are at the Cascade Campus Bookstore.

CEU 3984
EPA 608A Study and Test
FMT 100
Intro Facilities Maint Systems
FMT 101
Refrigeration I
FMT 102
Refrigeration II
FMT 103
Refrigeration III
FMT 111
Refrigeration Electrical I
FMT 112
Refrigeration Electrical II
FMT 113
Refrigeration Electrical III
FMT 122
Intro to Boilers
FMT 177
Intro to Trades Technologies
FMT 202
Dir Digital Control Adv Tech
FMT 204
Heat Pumps
FMT 210
Basic HVAC/R Install