Architectural Design and Drafting

Sylvania ST 200 | Department Chair: Elizabeth A. Metcalf | 971-722-4163 | Program Advisor: Arlene McCashew |

3D printed architectural model

House design and 3D printed model by second year student,
- A. Tarn Ogden.

“Form follows function,” said architect Louis Henri Sullivan, a mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright. It is one of the hallmarks of twentieth-century architectural design. It is an ideal that has been integrated, pondered, discarded and reused, and in some cases, completely disregarded. Not so in our Architectural Design and Drafting program, where you’re not only taught drafting and design fundamentals, but also how to apply problem-solving skills to residential and commercial buildings using architectural history as a guide. Our program provides the fundamental building blocks necessary to begin a career as a residential designer/architectural drafter. Whether you’re studying residential designs of Wright, the commercial buildings of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, or trying to understand how to apply building codes to residential homes, our program provides a sound foundation for your career.

Degrees and Certificates

In this program you can earn the following:

  • Associate of Applied Science Degrees:
    • Architectural Design and Drafting
    • Architectural Design and Drafting: Residential
  • One Year Certificate: Kitchen and Bath
  • Less than One-Year Certificate: Sustainable Design

In addition, students must meet college graduation requirements of Math 65 (or competency), Writing 121 and 16 credits of General Education. Consult a program advisor for assistance in planning General Education classes.

Drafting Your Future

Ours is one of the few design and drafting programs in which you can acquire the fundamental skills in drafting and building design in only two years, studying under some of Oregon’s best instructors. Our instructor resources, coupled with a broad-based curriculum, which emphasizes AutoCAD and courses such as Working Drawings and Building Systems, offer a unique opportunity to enter a discipline for which there will always be a need. Our program allows you quick entry into a field in which sound and stable design is highly valued, and it allows you to tailor classes to a specialized career, such as remodeling, kitchen and bath design, or green building. Our uniquely flexible curriculum caters to a broad array of interests within the building design industry. Many of our design and drafting graduates have started their own businesses or work for large design firms. Neil Kelly, Morrisette Homes, Argo/Architect, and Ankrom/ Moisen Associated Architects are just a few established companies that hire our graduates.

What's Next?

  1. Begin with the Portland Community College Admissions process. Visit a PCC Orientation Center if you need extra help!
  2. Read the information in the Architectural Design and Drafting new student information packet.
  3. Attend an information session. Most students find this session answers all their questions and provides the information needed to make educational decisions. Information sessions are located on the Sylvania Campus. No RSVP required.
  4. Take the COMPASS placement test in reading, writing and math. OR: If you wish to have credits from other schools transferred, your transcripts will need to be evaluated by the PCC Student Records Department.
  5. Register early! Space is limited and classes fill up quickly.

Course of Study

Employment Prospects

Gainful Employment Disclosure

What Graduates are Saying...

"This program was great. There are many different aspects to drawing and building a structure. The courses at PCC are designed to cover these. I found my teachers to be excellent in communicating these skills and techniques. I enjoyed all the classes and would encourage others who are thinking of entering this career to take these classes."

- Marie Sherman Architectural Design and Drafting (2006) Perkowitz and Ruth Architects