Online and remote learning

The Architectural Design and Drafting program will continue to offer about half of its courses in remote or hybrid modalities. We will continue with our commitment to providing our students with the highest level of instruction, guidance, and support in both, virtual and in-person environments. Our program just occupied brand new classrooms in the HT building and we are eager to increase our in-person offerings while continuing to offer remote options. Here are some tips that might help you with planning for online/remote learning:

  • Some classes will require that you attend online lectures as scheduled. Some instructors will take attendance and expect you to be “present” and contributing to the classroom environment, albeit remotely.
  • Online/remote learning does not mean that you can work at your own pace. Again, you will be expected to be in class and contribute, and you will also be expected to complete your work as assigned and hand in your assignments on time. Course exams will also be assigned during class time and you will be expected to take those as scheduled.
  • Sometimes, online classes can feel isolating. There will be fewer opportunities to interact in the labs and with other students. You will need good time/self-management skills and be open and willing to form virtual study sessions with your classmates, as well as attend office hours with your instructors.
  • Because there may be fewer opportunities for impromptu discussions and conversations with your instructors (ie quick questions after class), you will need to make sure you are communicating any challenges that you are having in class with your instructor regularly.
  • Communication is especially important in online learning. If you require accommodations, help accessing technology, help connecting to classmates, or tutoring needs with your instructors, let us know. You will also need to check your PCC email and classroom announcements regularly.
  • It is strongly recommended that you meet with your academic advisor for help accessing resources and course planning regularly. Here is the email information for your program advisor, CJ:
  • There will be some specific technology requirements. Here is a list of what you will need for your program:

Architectural Design and Drafting technology requirement for online learning

Remote and online classes will require the following:

  • We strongly encourage you to use a Windows based machine. While AutoCAD runs on MAC, Revit doesn’t. If you are attached to a Mac, you will need to install Parallels on it, to run Windows on it, to be able to run Revit. Video lessons will be based on the Windows version of the software and campus computers are all PC’s.
  • Students will need to download current Autodesk software including AutoCAD and Revit. Make sure you purchase -or own- a computer that can run the software you’ll be installing. See the specific requirements for Autodesk products.
  • A laptop is okay but you will need multiple windows open. Also, laptops are not the best for ergonomics.
  • Do not get a Chromebook as they cannot run architectural software.
  • Monitor should have a webcam, microphone, and speakers.
  • Fast WiFi – preferably what’s called (2×2). Try this WiFi Speedtest to test your connection.