Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

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EMS: Emerging Care for Today

EMT students giving CPR to dummy

The development of the modern emergency medical services (EMS) system began during the 1960s. Until that point, the local undertaker typically transported victims of emergencies in a hearse, with no medical care – just a ride! The goal to provide consistent and uninterrupted quality care at the emergency scene and during transport to the hospital became critical. Eventually, the "ambulance attendant" was replaced by an emergency medical technician (EMT).

As a relatively new profession, EMS has seen tremendous change in the past 50 years. Diagnostic, therapeutic and pharmacologic advancements in medicine have dramatically improved the quality of care available to critically ill or injured patients in the pre-hospital setting. There has been a corresponding need for increased improvement in education and training.

PCC’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program is committed to the dynamic challenge of training and educating emergency medical technicians to the highest standards. The PCC EMS program has kept pace as technological advances and demands have evolved. PCC provides students with the solid foundation in emergency medicine necessary to enter this rewarding and exhilarating career.

Maintaining Standards, Sustaining Life

PCC’s EMS program is the largest in the state of Oregon. The facility is located in the Public Services Educational Building on the Cascade Campus, also home to the Fire Protection Technology, Emergency TeleCommunicator/911, and the Emergency Management programs. This multidisciplinary environment enhances the integration of all emergency services.

The mission of our EMS program is "to train and educate emergency medical professionals to excel in meeting the needs of the community." Faculty and staff work diligently to provide a rigorous, comprehensive and quality educational opportunity. The growth that the PCC EMS program has experienced during the past 20 years is directly related to student success. In 2006, PCC was one of only a few schools in the United States recognized by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians for consistently high average scores on the National Registry EMT Certifying Written Exam.