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Emergency Medical Services, 1 year certificate

Students giving CPR to a dummy in a simulation

This course is designed to instruct you at the level of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). The EMT serves as a vital member of the healthcare team. EMTs learn skills that can save lives and limit debilitating injuries in emergencies. On successful completion of the course, you are eligible to apply to sit for the NREMT certification exams. After passing those, you can apply for your Oregon EMT license.

You are not certified until you complete all requirements of the Oregon Health Authority and National Registry of EMTs.

Award information

Degrees and certificates by number of terms to complete
Award Length Financial aid eligible Currently accepting students?
Certificate: Emergency Medical Services1 yearLimited entry, see how
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Course listing for the 2023-2024 catalog year.

Plan of Study Grid
First TermCredits
EMS 100 Introduction to Emergency Medical Services 2
EMS 105 EMT Part I § 6
MP 111 Medical Terminology 4
MTH 65 Introductory Algebra - Second Term 4
WR 121 Composition I (WR121=WR121Z) Z 4
Second Term
BI 231 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
EMS 106 EMT Part II § 6
EMS 116 Emergency Medical Services Rescue 3
Third Term
BI 232 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
COMM 111 Public Speaking (COMM111=COMM111Z) §,Z 3
EMS 115 Crisis Intervention 3
PSY 101 Psychology and Human Relations § 3
Fourth Term
BI 233 Human Anatomy & Physiology III 4
HE 295 Health and Fitness for Life 2
PE 295 Health and Fitness for Life Lab 1
 Total Credits53

Course contains Related Instruction and cannot be substituted with another course; Related Instruction details can be viewed here.


This course is part of Oregon Common Course Numbering. The following courses are equivalent:

COMM 111 and COMM 111Z

WR 121 and WR 121Z

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