CCOG Courses in Continuing Education Units Summer 2024

Course Number Course Title
CEU 9AK Veterans Program Administrators Workshop
CEU 96C Plan & Maintain W2K3 Network Infrastructure
CEU 901Y Advanced Workplace Mediation
CEU 904S Resolving Conflict
CEU 906Z Explore the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
CEU 908V Grant Writing
CEU 911K Basic Meditation Training
CEU 921Z National Electrical Code Changes
CEU 922A NEC Calculations for Motors and Transformers
CEU 931I 24 hr EMT Recert
CEU 936G Intravenous Therapy
CEU 940N Basic Coding
CEU 941Q Pharmacy Technician I
CEU 949M AAPC Medical Coding Training
CEU 949Y Phlebotomy Training Course
CEU 3000 Paramedic Refresher Module 4
CEU 3001 Paramedic Refresher Module 6
CEU 3002 Paramedic Refresher Module 7
CEU 3003 Paramedic Refresher Module 8
CEU 3004 ACLS for Physicians Only-Contract
CEU 3006 ACLS OB - Contract
CEU 3007 High Yield Results Through Effective Teams
CEU 3008 Working with Statistical Process Control (SPC)
CEU 3009 Process Mapping
CEU 3010 Lean Enterprise Overview
CEU 3011 Six Sigma, A Management Overview
CEU 3012 Coaching for Excellence
CEU 3013 Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare, A Management Overview
CEU 3014 Managing Unsolvable Problems
CEU 3015 Accelerating Career Effectiveness
CEU 3016 Using MS Excel for Six Sigma
CEU 3017 Selecting and Chartering Improvement Projects
CEU 3018 Proofreading, Revising, and Editing
CEU 3019 CAPM Exam Preparation Online
CEU 3020 PMP Exam Preparation Online
CEU 3021 Leadership Business Coaching
CEU 3022 Web Site Development 102
CEU 3023 Managing Projects with MS Project
CEU 3024 EMT Intermediate Part II
CEU 3025 Visio Basic
CEU 3026 Visio Advanced
CEU 3027 Estate Needs Analysis
CEU 3028 Working With Differences
CEU 3029 Mechanical Theory
CEU 3030 Drafting Fundamentals
CEU 3031 Bobcat Hydraulics & Electrical Level III
CEU 3032 Working with Differences
CEU 3033 Business Ethics for Healthcare Practitioners
CEU 3034 Introduction to Grant Writing
CEU 3035 Coyne 1st Aid/CPR Train the Trainer Certification Renewal
CEU 3036 Designing Applications w/ASP.NET 3.5 (MS 70-564)
CEU 3037 Working With Differences
CEU 3038 L.E.A.D. Academy
CEU 3039 Hydraulic & Vacuum Pumps - 2nd Iteration
CEU 3040 CH-Manual Transmission Service
CEU 3041 Monitoring Load Shape for Energy Savings
CEU 3042 Energy and Water Efficiency: Double Your Savings
CEU 3043 Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Building
CEU 3044 Energy Champions Workshop
CEU 3045 What's New in Office 2010?
CEU 3046 Nonprofit Organization Board Training
CEU 3047 Legal Issues with C-II Prescribing for Chronic Pain
CEU 3048 Business Practice/Ethics in Health Promotion
CEU 3049 Pathology of structure and nerves
CEU 3050 Ayurvedic Nutrition
CEU 3051 Fall Protection Training - Safety at Heights
CEU 3052 Nutritional Therapy - Spring
CEU 3053 Crew Leader Series
CEU 3054 Crafting Emails to Generate Sales
CEU 3055 Community Acupuncture Network Conference
CEU 3056 Programming WordPress
CEU 3057 CH-Diesel Fuel Part 1 & 2 Update
CEU 3058 JavaScript & JQuery
CEU 3059 Welding Workshop
CEU 3060 Pathology of Metabolism and Immune System
CEU 3061 Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutrition
CEU 3062 HEV/PHEV/EV Battery Testing, Conditioning and Rebuilding
CEU 3063 Critical Events Seminar for Healthcare Managers
CEU 3065 Machine Maintenance Training
CEU 3066 AR&D Hybrid Electric Vehicle Transmission on Vehicle Testing
CEU 3067 Critical Event Seminar for Healthcare Managers-Contract
CEU 3068 Transitioning to Windows 7
CEU 3069 Blueprint Reading
CEU 3070 CPC Review Class
CEU 3071 ICD-10-CM Outpatient Diagnosis for experienced coders
CEU 3072 ICD-10-PCS (Procedural Coding)
CEU 3073 Anatomy & Physiology for Coders
CEU 3074 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology for ICD-10-PCS_CM Coding
CEU 3075 Writing Online Content
CEU 3076 Social Media
CEU 3077 Coping with Angry Feelings and Angry People
CEU 3078 Negotiating for Success
CEU 3079 Problem Solving
CEU 3080 Project Management for Manufacturing
CEU 3081 Leadership Training
CEU 3082 Computer Education for NNES
CEU 3083 Welding Essentials
CEU 3084 Introduction to Flash ActionScript
CEU 3085 Develop WCF Solutions with Visual Studio 2010 (MS 10263)
CEU 3086 Develop Web Applications with Visual Studio 2010 (MS 10264)
CEU 3087 Using SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services (SSRS)
CEU 3088 Programming C# with Visual Studio 2010 (MS 10266)
CEU 3089 ICD-10-CM Inpatient Diagnosis for experienced coders
CEU 3090 Staff Management Solutions
CEU 3091 Team and Performance Management
CEU 3092 Pharmacology - Centrally Acting, and Cardiovascular, Drugs
CEU 3093 Pharmacology - Anti-Infectives
CEU 3094 Pharmacology - Hormones
CEU 3095 MS Office and Computer Skills at Work
CEU 3096 Respectful Workplace
CEU 3097 Managing Diabetes in the Hospitalized Patient
CEU 3098 Drafting Fundamentals
CEU 3099 Get Started Freelancing & Running Your Own Creative Business
CEU 3100 Supporting Your Most Challenged Customers
CEU 3101 Introduction to AutoCAD
CEU 3102 Converter Diagnostics Workshop
CEU 3103 ACLS Instructor Course - Contract
CEU 3104 Choosing the Best Keywords to get your Website Noticed
CEU 3105 Self-Paced Publisher - Level I
CEU 3106 On Board Diagnostics Changes
CEU 3107 Diagnostic Drivability
CEU 3108 CHWS-Engines
CEU 3109 CHWS-Automatic Transmissions
CEU 3110 CHWS-Body Electronics
CEU 3111 CHWS-Service Information & Scan Tool
CEU 3112 Project Management for Healthcare
CEU 3113 Ethanol Safety Seminar
CEU 3114 Advanced Anatomy and Physiology for ICD-10 Coding CONTRACT
CEU 3115 Implementing and Utilizing Electronic Health Records (EHR)
CEU 3116 SQL Training
CEU 3117 Information Protection Orientation Course
CEU 3118 Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
CEU 3119 Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Track 2
CEU 3120 Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology
CEU 3121 AR& D-Train-the-Trainer/Hybrid Vehicle Systems Technology
CEU 3122 CH-Applied Electrical Diagnosis
CEU 3123 Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance: Take the wheat out
CEU 3124 Food Allergy and Intolerance
CEU 3125 Vitamin D: Bones & Beyond
CEU 3126 Self-Paced Publisher – Level II
CEU 3127 Designing Instruction for Adult Learners
CEU 3128 Touch, Caring and Cancer
CEU 3129 Re-Awakening Touch as Patient Care
CEU 3130 Dementia Care Using Touch/Non-Pharmacological Interventions
CEU 3131 Computer Aided Drafting Summit
CEU 3132 Conscious Sedation Update
CEU 3133 Malignant Hyperthermia Review
CEU 3134 Conscious Sedation Update
CEU 3135 Managing Staff Performance Reviews
CEU 3136 Cultural Awareness for Health Professionals
CEU 3137 Gerontology Transition Events Across Services
CEU 3138 Staff and Stand Up Meetings: Brief, Focused, Effective
CEU 3139 Bad Apple in Your Bushel
CEU 3140 Post Operative Nausea & Vomiting: Current Applications
CEU 3141 Lipid Rescue for Local Anesthetic Toxicity
CEU 3142 Surgical Fires in the OR
CEU 3143 Nutritional Therapy: Anatomy & Physiology Online
CEU 3144 Health Care Interpreter Nat. Cert. Training for Working Prac
CEU 3145 Teacher and Student Centered Strategies
CEU 3146 Incident Command System (ICS) 300
CEU 3147 Consultative Sales I
CEU 3148 Sales and Communication Training
CEU 3149 Medical Assistant SuperUser Training
CEU 3150 Dept Management - Overview of Managing a Healthcare Dept
CEU 3152 Difficult Conversations
CEU 3153 Phlebotomy: Difficult Draws
CEU 3155 Gerontology Transition Events Across Services ONLINE
CEU 3158 Mental Health on Film:DSM Diagnostic Skill for Schizophrenia
CEU 3159 Radiographic interpretation for PICC Placement
CEU 3160 Lactation Management Residency
CEU 3161 Foot and Nail Care Clinical
CEU 3162 Overview of Bariatric Management Concept and Surgery
CEU 3163 Lactation Management 90 Hours
CEU 3165 Foot and Nail Care - Lecture Only
CEU 3166 Advanced Nursing Skills and Critical Thinking
CEU 3167 12-Lead ECG: Level II
CEU 3168 Forklift Training, Safety and Related Code
CEU 3169 MS Project Level 2
CEU 3172 MIG/SMAW/Oxy/Plasma Welding
CEU 3173 Statistical Process Control Light
CEU 3174 Crucial Conversations
CEU 3175 Fire Fighter I Academy
CEU 3177 Outfitter/Guide Refresher Workshop
CEU 3178 Advanced Nursing Skills and Critical Thinking
CEU 3179 Advanced Nursing Skills: Sepsis & Shock
CEU 3180 Healthcare Interpreting Conference
CEU 3181 Transition of Care: Minimizing Re-hospitalizations
CEU 3182 MS SharePoint
CEU 3183 Pneumatics Trouble Shooting
CEU 3184 Cultural Understanding in Healthcare Interpreting ONLINE
CEU 3185 Spanish for Healthcare Professionals ONLINE
CEU 3186 Nutritional Therapy Summer Term
CEU 3187 Nutritional Supplementation
CEU 3188 Nutritional Research and Resources
CEU 3190 PICC Care and Maintenance for Bedside Nurses
CEU 3193 Advanced Nursing Skills: Basics of Critical Care
CEU 3194 Advanced Nursing Skills: Critical Thinking & Trauma
CEU 3195 Advanced Nursing Skills: Therapeutic Hypothermia
CEU 3196 Advanced Nursing Skills: Respiratory Care
CEU 3197 Advanced Nursing Skills – Cardiovascular
CEU 3198 Advanced Nursing Skills: Altered Mental Status & Delirium
CEU 3199 Advanced Nursing Skills: Course Summary & Review
CEU 3200 Mastercam/CNC Orientation
CEU 3203 Advanced Excel
CEU 3204 Advanced PowerPoint
CEU 3205 Advanced Word
CEU 3206 Intermediate Excel
CEU 3207 Intermediate Word
CEU 3208 Outlook – Beyond the Basics
CEU 3214 Herbalism Professional Series- Herbal Healing
CEU 3215 Herbalism Professional Series- Herbs and Health
CEU 3216 Herbalism Professional Series - Holistic Herbalism
CEU 3217 Nutritional Therapy: Fall Term ONLINE
CEU 3218 Nutritional Therapy: Spring Term ONLINE
CEU 3220 Nutritional Therapy: Winter Term ONLINE
CEU 3225 Excel I
CEU 3226 Excel II
CEU 3227 Word I
CEU 3228 Word II
CEU 3230 Nutritional Fundamentals ONLINE
CEU 3231 Nutritional Therapy: Life Cycles ONLINE
CEU 3232 Ayurvedic Nutrition ONLINE
CEU 3233 Food Therapy in Health and Disease ONLINE
CEU 3234 Pathology of Metabolism and Immune System ONLINE
CEU 3235 Pathology of Structure and Nerves ONLINE
CEU 3236 HIT Foundation Training for Dentistry
CEU 3237 HIT Foundation Training for Dentistry
CEU 3239 Schematics
CEU 3243 Applying Research to Instruction
CEU 3246 Food Therapy in Holistic Healing - ONLINE
CEU 3248 Healthcare Project Management
CEU 3250 Adobe Captivate 5 - Intermediate
CEU 3251 Online Instructor Orientation
CEU 3255 PEARS Provider Course - Contract
CEU 3257 Exploring difference in the classroom
CEU 3258 Bobcat IT4 Emissions
CEU 3259 2012 Oregon CJIS Users Workshop
CEU 3260 Interpersonal Mindfulness in Healthcare
CEU 3261 Floor Nursing Fundamentals
CEU 3262 Nutritional Therapy: Traditional Chinese Medicine ONLINE
CEU 3263 Electrical Safety/NFPA 70E
CEU 3264 CNA1 Hospital Clinical Orientation
CEU 3265 CNA2 Acute Care Orientation
CEU 3267 ACLS Online and Skills - Contract
CEU 3268 ACLS Online and Skills
CEU 3269 ACLS Skills Only
CEU 3270 BLS Online and Skills - Contract
CEU 3271 BLS Online and Skills
CEU 3272 BLS Skills Only
CEU 3273 PALS Online and Skills - Contract
CEU 3274 PALS Online and Skills
CEU 3275 PALS Skills Only
CEU 3276 Lubricants for Food Processors
CEU 3277 Lubricants for Food Processors
CEU 3278 Basic/Mechanical Troubleshooting
CEU 3279 Business Writing Session 1
CEU 3280 Business Writing Session 2
CEU 3281 Transformational Communication
CEU 3282 Excel Level 1
CEU 3283 InDesign
CEU 3284 InDesign
CEU 3285 InDesign
CEU 3286 TIG Welding
CEU 3287 Vacuum Leak Detection
CEU 3288 PLC Review Course (Process Logic Control)
CEU 3289 PLC Review Course (Process Logic Control)
CEU 3290 Planning Your Encore: Discover, Design and Engage
CEU 3291 12-Lead ECG Interpretation: Level I
CEU 3292 12-Lead ECG Interpretation: Level I-Contract
CEU 3293 12-Lead ECG Interpretation: Level II
CEU 3294 12-Lead ECG Interpretation: Level II-Contract
CEU 3295 ACLS Instructor
CEU 3296 ACLS Instructor-Contract
CEU 3297 ACLS for Physicians Only
CEU 3298 ACLS for Physicians Only-Contract
CEU 3299 ACLS Prep
CEU 3300 ACLS Provider
CEU 3301 ACLS Provider with HeartCode BLS
CEU 3302 ACLS Update (Renewal)-Contract
CEU 3303 ACLS Update Condensed
CEU 3304 ACLS Update Condensed-Contract
CEU 3305 ACLS Update (Renewal)
CEU 3306 PALS Instructor - Contract
CEU 3307 PALS Update - Contract
CEU 3308 PALS Update
CEU 3309 PALS Provider - Contract
CEU 3310 PALS Provider
CEU 3311 PEARS Provider
CEU 3312 Heartsaver CPR & First Aid
CEU 3313 PALS Instructor
CEU 3314 BLS/HS CPR Instructor - Contract
CEU 3315 BLS/HS CPR Instructor
CEU 3316 BLS (CPR) for Healthcare Providers Update - Contract
CEU 3317 BLS (CPR) for Healthcare Providers Update
CEU 3318 BLS (CPR) for Healthcare Providers - Contract
CEU 3319 BLS (CPR) for Healthcare Providers
CEU 3320 Basic ECGs Made Easy Online - Contract
CEU 3321 Basic ECGs Made Easy Online
CEU 3322 Nutritional Therapy NANP Exam Prep
CEU 3323 IV Therapy Online
CEU 3324 Sight Translation Skills ONLINE
CEU 3326 IV Therapy Intensive
CEU 3327 Lathes and Brake Equipment
CEU 3328 Lift Equipment – Arial Work Platform Safety
CEU 3329 Jib Cranes
CEU 3330 Lift Equipment – Herta
CEU 3331 Lift Equipment - Forklifts
CEU 3332 MMIS/FMIS Maintenance Management Systems
CEU 3333 LRV Equipment
CEU 3334 ANS for Experienced Nurses-Altered Mental Status
CEU 3335 ANS for Experienced Nurses-Cardiovascular
CEU 3336 ANS - Trauma and Shock
CEU 3337 ANS for Experienced Nurses-Medicolegal and Respiratory
CEU 3338 Advanced Nursing Skills Course for Experienced Nurses
CEU 3339 Heartsaver CPR & First Aid-Contract
CEU 3340 Fuel Systems
CEU 3341 Bay/Overhead Doors
CEU 3342 PowerPoint Level 3
CEU 3343 Hydraulics/Pneumatics
CEU 3345 Paint Booth
CEU 3346 Steam Cleaner
CEU 3348 Inclusive Environments to Address Learning Differences
CEU 3349 Goal Setting and Productivity
CEU 3350 Better Lighting Lower Costs
CEU 3351 Wash Rack – Vehicle Wash Systems
CEU 3352 Resilience, Alignment, and Collaboration
CEU 3353 Intermediate Life Support Continuing Education
CEU 3354 Schematics
CEU 3355 Electrical/Electronic Troubleshooting
CEU 3356 Resilience, Alignment, & Collaboration Effective Leadership
CEU 3357 Resilience, Alignment, and Collaboration
CEU 3358 CNA2 Acute Care ONLINE
CEU 3359 Home Health Aide
CEU 3360 Herbalism Professional Series In-Class - Herbs and Health
CEU 3361 Eaton Performance transmission and failure Analysis
CEU 3362 Pharmacy Technician II
CEU 3364 Patient Access Specialist: Health Insurance I & II
CEU 3365 Patient Access Specialist: Accountable Care
CEU 3368 AAPC Medical Coding A
CEU 3369 AAPC Medical Coding B
CEU 3370 Herbalism Professional Series - Module 4, Year 2
CEU 3371 Herbalism Professional Series - Module 5, Year 2
CEU 3372 Herbalism Professional Series – Module 6, Year 2
CEU 3375 Taxation of Community Property
CEU 3376 Joint Property Taxation
CEU 3377 Certified Nursing Assistant 2 Acute Care Make-Up
CEU 3378 Anger Management
CEU 3379 Anger Management
CEU 3380 Women’s Esteem & Empowerment
CEU 3381 Creating Nonprofit Boards that Work
CEU 3383 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Manager Track
CEU 3388 Tier 4 Electronically Controlled Bobcat Engine
CEU 3389 Online Takover Course Orientation (OTCO)
CEU 3390 Business Writing That Works
CEU 3391 Business Writing That Works
CEU 3392 Business Writing That Works
CEU 3393 Minute Takers Workshop
CEU 3394 Minute Takers Workshop
CEU 3395 Minute Takers Workshop
CEU 3396 Public Speaking Presentation Survival School
CEU 3397 Public Speaking Presentation Survival School
CEU 3398 Public Speaking Presentation Survival School
CEU 3399 Getting Stuff Done!
CEU 3400 HR Skills for Every Manager
CEU 3401 Arial Work Platform Safety
CEU 3402 Advanced Writing Skills
CEU 3403 Getting Stuff Done!
CEU 3404 Getting Stuff Done!
CEU 3405 HR Skills for Every Manager
CEU 3406 HR Skills for Every Manager
CEU 3407 Arial Work Platform Safety
CEU 3408 Advanced Writing Skills
CEU 3409 Advanced Writing Skills
CEU 3410 Critical Care Nursing-Cardiovascular
CEU 3411 Practical Shop Math
CEU 3412 Effective Instruction in Trades Classes
CEU 3413 Restraint, De-escalation, & Provider Safety Course
CEU 3414 Consultative Sales Overview
CEU 3415 Consultative Sales
CEU 3416 Consultative Sales
CEU 3417 Quality Manager Overview
CEU 3418 Quality Manager
CEU 3419 Quality Manager
CEU 3420 Critical Elements of Customer Service
CEU 3421 Critical Elements of Customer Service
CEU 3422 Critical Elements of Customer Service
CEU 3423 Oregon Oral Radiology Proficiency Certification Prep
CEU 3424 Digital Oral Imaging Preparation Lab
CEU 3425 Oregon Oral Radiology Proficiency Certification Prep Remedia
CEU 3426 Introduction to Aquatic Animal Medicine: Fish as Patients
CEU 3427 ACLS OB Update
CEU 3428 ACLS OB Update-Contract
CEU 3429 Creating Lean Processes Throughout Your Organization
CEU 3430 Creating Lean Processes Throughout Your Organization
CEU 3431 Creating Lean Processes Throughout Your Organization
CEU 3432 Accelerated Supervisory Training
CEU 3435 Accelerated Management
CEU 3436 Project Management Fundamentals
CEU 3437 Project Management Fundamentals
CEU 3438 Quality Auditor
CEU 3439 Quality Auditor
CEU 3440 Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Prep
CEU 3441 Finance for Non Financial Managers
CEU 3444 LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation
CEU 3445 LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation
CEU 3447 Consultative Sales
CEU 3448 Consultative Sales
CEU 3449 Consultative Sales
CEU 3451 Electrical Troubleshooting This course covers basic electricity, starting systems, charging systems, lighting systems and troubleshooting heavy equipment 12 and 24 volt systems.
CEU 3452 Dental Technology Practicum
CEU 3454 Forklift Train the Trainer Certification
CEU 3455 Bearings, Seals, Lubrication
CEU 3456 Bearings, Seals, Lubrication
CEU 3457 Designing Instruction for Adult Learners
CEU 3458 Designing Instruction for Adult Learners
CEU 3459 Supervisory Development Program
CEU 3460 Supervisory Development Program
CEU 3461 Communicate with Confidence
CEU 3462 Communicate with Confidence
CEU 3463 Communicate with Confidence
CEU 3464 Communication Styles
CEU 3465 Communicating Across Generations
CEU 3466 Email Etiquette
CEU 3467 DBE Contractors Bootcamp
CEU 3468 Coaching
CEU 3469 DBE Architects and Engineers Bootcamp
CEU 3470 Accelerated Leadership
CEU 3471 Intermediate Project Management
CEU 3472 Critical Theory II: Inclusion, Equity, and Empowerment
CEU 3473 Emergency Dispatch Service Certification Program
CEU 3474 MS SharePoint 2010 Level I
CEU 3475 MS SharePoint 2010 Level II
CEU 3476 MS SharePoint 2010 Level I
CEU 3478 Integrated Business
CEU 3479 Integrated Business
CEU 3480 MS Access Level 1
CEU 3481 MS Access Level 1
CEU 3482 MS Access Level 2
CEU 3483 MS SharePoint 2010 Level 3
CEU 3484 MS SharePoint Level 3
CEU 3485 Quality Auditor
CEU 3486 Sales Success Thriving in the Marketplace
CEU 3487 Computer Basics
CEU 3488 5S/Visual Management
CEU 3489 Doula Training
CEU 3490 Creating a Trauma-Informed Workplace
CEU 3491 Computer Basics
CEU 3492 Emergency Dispatch Service Program
CEU 3493 Business Issues for Tattooists: Business Concepts
CEU 3494 Intellectual Property: Who owns a tattoo?
CEU 3495 Recent Issues in Tattoo Law
CEU 3496 OHCIA 2014 Conference
CEU 3497 Critical Theory III: Inclusion, Equity, & Empowerment
CEU 3498 Conversational Spanish
CEU 3499 Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations
CEU 3500 Biology of Aging Workshop
CEU 3501 Remote and Industrial Advanced Medic – Online
CEU 3502 Advanced Medic – Intro to Critical Care and Primary
CEU 3503 Advanced Medic – Diagnostic Methods and Devices
CEU 3504 Advanced Medic - Therapeutic Devices
CEU 3505 Advanced Medic - Safety and Occupational Considerations
CEU 3506 Advanced Medic - Documentation and Communication
CEU 3507 Advanced Medic – Critical Care: Adult Medical
CEU 3508 Advanced Medic - Critical Care: Adult Trauma
CEU 3509 Advanced Medic - Critical Care: Pediatrics
CEU 3510 Advanced Medic - Infectious Disease and Envenomations
CEU 3511 Advanced Medic – Toxicology; Environmental Injuries
CEU 3512 Advanced Medic – Behavioral Interventions This module introduces the topic of dealing with behavioral and mental health issues in a remote setting. You will also explore assessment and the safe interventions for stress and substance use etiologies.
CEU 3513 Advanced Medic – Primary Care Practice This module introduces the topic of dealing with behavioral and mental health issues in a remote setting. You will also explore assessment and the safe interventions for stress and substance use etiologies.
CEU 3514 Remote and Industrial Advanced Medic – Intensive
CEU 3515 Remote and Industrial Advanced Medic – Clinical
CEU 3516 Oregon Rule and Law for Electricians
CEU 3517 Getting Grant Ready!
CEU 3519 Teaching Smarter with SMART Boards
CEU 3520 Solving Classroom Discipline Problems
CEU 3530 Guided Reading and Writing: Maximum Student Achievement
CEU 3531 Teaching Students With Autism: Strategies for Success
CEU 3538 The Basics of Sterile Processing
CEU 3581 Strategic Planning: From Mission and Vision to Values
CEU 3593 Integrative Nutrition through Childbearing Stages
CEU 3607 How to Lead Without Power
CEU 3617 Pneumatic Troubleshooting
CEU 3634 Functional Nutrition Therapy - Term 1: Foundations Online
CEU 3636 Cultural Competency & Ethics for Healthcare Professionals
CEU 3640 Foundations of Motivational Interviewing
CEU 3641 Motivational Interviewing - Intermediate
CEU 3642 Enteric Nerv Sys: Gut-Brain Axis for Mental Hlth & Wellbeing
CEU 3644 Poly-Pharmacy and the Geriatric Population
CEU 3645 The Basics of Online Course Content Accessibility
CEU 3646 Functional Nutrition - Term 2: Essentials Online
CEU 3649 The Enteric Nervous System: Impacts on Patient Health
CEU 3650 Vegetated Private Water Quality Facility Management
CEU 3657 Design Based Repair
CEU 3660 Solving Classroom Discipline Problems II
CEU 3662 Empowering Students With Disabilities
CEU 3663 Guided Reading: Strategies for the Differentiated Classroom
CEU 3664 Spanish in the Classroom
CEU 3665 The Creative Classroom
CEU 3666 MS PowerPoint 2013 in the Classroom
CEU 3667 Using the Internet in the Classroom
CEU 3668 Singapore Math Strategies: Model Drawing for Grades 1-6
CEU 3669 Singapore Math: Number Sense and Computational Strategies
CEU 3670 Creating the Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Success
CEU 3674 Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom
CEU 3676 Narrative Health
CEU 3677 Clinical Evaluation: ASAM Criteria & DSM
CEU 3679 Functional Nutrition - Term 3: Your Practice Online
CEU 3680 Functional Nutrition - Term 4: Perspectives Online
CEU 3682 Foundations of Interpersonal Neurobiology 2
CEU 3683 Foundations of Interpersonal Neurobiology 1
CEU 3735 HECC GED Summit
CEU 3736 Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities
CEU 3737 Integrating Technology in the Classroom
CEU 3738 Differentiating K-12 Assessments
CEU 3739 Differentiated Instruction, Response Intervention Connection
CEU 3740 Response to Intervention: Reading Strategies that Work
CEU 3741 Common Core Standards English Language K-5
CEU 3742 Content Literacy: Grades 6-12
CEU 3744 Enhancing Language Development in Childhood
CEU 3745 Singapore Math Strategies: Adv. Model Drawing for Grades 6-9
CEU 3746 Survival Kit for New Teachers
CEU 3747 Teaching High School Students
CEU 3748 Teaching Math: Grades 4-6
CEU 3749 Teaching Science: Grades 4-6
CEU 3750 Teaching Writing: Grades K-3
CEU 3751 Understanding Adolescents
CEU 3752 Teaching Writing: Grades 4-6
CEU 3753 Advanced Medical Life Support Course
CEU 3754 HECC GED Summit 2016- Train the Trainer
CEU 3755 Creating a Classroom Website
CEU 3756 Ready, Set, Read!
CEU 3757 Trauma Informed: A Continuum of Care
CEU 3758 Subgingival Cord Placement Certification Course
CEU 3761 Ethics from an Interpersonal Neurobiology Perspective
CEU 3765 Communication/Listening
CEU 3767 Ethics
CEU 3776 Resiliency
CEU 3777 Strength Based Leadership
CEU 3780 Diversity
CEU 3783 Writing Across the Curriculum II: Instructor Feedback
CEU 3789 Make PEACE with Marketing Your Healthcare Practice
CEU 3790 The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People and Time Management
CEU 3800 Embodied Relational Mindfulness
CEU 3804 CNC Training
CEU 3807 Marketing Strategies for Your Business
CEU 3808 Managing Human Capital
CEU 3809 Construction Billing Process
CEU 3820 Making Math Meaningful: Multiplication
CEU 3824 Create Your Own Classroom Website
CEU 3825 Technology in the Classroom: Beyond Word Processing
CEU 3828 Advanced Steering & Suspension Analysis
CEU 3830 Design Based Repair
CEU 3832 Structural Damage Analysis
CEU 3836 Introduction to Mobile Integrative Healthcare
CEU 3837 Lab Values and Their Meaning for Community Paramedics
CEU 3838 Medication Assisted Treatment of Opioid Use Disorders
CEU 3840 IPNB of Perinatal Mood Disorders and Birth Trauma
CEU 3845 Trauma Certified Registered Nurse Exam Preparation
CEU 3846 Certified Emergency Nurse Exam Preparation
CEU 3849 Transitional Medical Condition Management for MIHT
CEU 3850 Communication Skills
CEU 3857 Business Acumen
CEU 3873 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity
CEU 3884 Heavy Duty Diesel Electrical Training
CEU 3885 Basic Pruning for Landscape
CEU 3903 Creating Classroom Centers
CEU 3912 Workplace Harassment
CEU 3916 Microsoft Lean Outlook – Cut the Fat and Get More Done
CEU 3923 Equity-Informed Business Development
CEU 3940 Becoming an Inclusive Leader
CEU 3942 The Art of Conflict Management
CEU 3943 Transforming Relationship-From Division to Inclusion
CEU 3972 Fundamentals of PLCs
CEU 3984 EPA 608A - Federal Refrigerant Licensing
CEU 9044 Coaching
CEU 9388 Caterpillar Electronic Engines Control