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CCOG for CEU 3172 Fall 2022

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Course Number:
CEU 3172
Course Title:
MIG/SMAW/Oxy/Plasma Welding
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Course Description

The SMAW welding technician will learn the safe operation of the SMAW welding process and; 1. Be able to demonstrate stick welding machine setup 2. Demonstrate knowledge of the types of welding electrodes necessary 3. Acknowledge the preparation procedures for ensuring a secure weld 4. Exhibit safe welding work area practices and good housekeeping Upon completion of Plasma cutting training the technician will; 1. Demonstrate knowledge of machine capabilities 2. Exhibit safe operating procedures of the plasma cutting equipment 3. Determine what materials can be cut with the Plasma cutting torch Upon completion of Oxy/Fuel Cutting training the technician will; 1. Be able to demonstrate safe operation of the tanks and regulators 2. Demonstrate safe cutting practices with the open flame of the Oxy/Fuel torch 3. Proficiently cut steel of multiple thicknesses

Intended Outcomes for the course