CCOG for CEU 3415 Summer 2024

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CEU 3415
Course Title:
Consultative Sales
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Course Description

Some sales do not occur within the first conversation. Learn how to plan and evolve your communication at each step of the planned sales process. Establish rapport, create interest, question for needs, present solution, close for commitment and handle objections.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Establish Rapport - Gain trust, create confidence and interact effectively.
Create Interest - They will want to talk with you and they will want to hear more.
Question for Needs - Learn their needs. That defines what you are selling, not your products or services.
Present Solutions – At this point you present solutions to specific business problems.
Close for Commitment - Customers see a solution to their problems. It’s no longer just a product or a price decision.
Handle Objections - Resolve them with confidence