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CCOG for CEU 3052 Fall 2022

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CEU 3052
Course Title:
Nutritional Therapy - Spring
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Course Description

Course covers Western and Ayurvedic nutrition to include pathologies and specific nutritional disease treatments as well as the business practice and ethics in nutritional therapy and holistic medicine.

Intended Outcomes for the course

  1. Analyze client nutrient related pathologies and common symptoms relative to diet and deficiency conditions; develop recommendations based on client body’s structure and nervous system impairments; examine/convey consequence and impact of client pathologies on short and long term health
  2. Incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine core concepts in diet planning; recognize common TCM clinical symptoms and their involvement in diet or deficiency conditions, health maintenance, management of acute/chronic conditions and compliance
  3. Explain nutrients relative to digestion and energy production and diet planning; recall and explain methodologies and procedures within the study of human nutrition; integrate the concepts of body systems, and their role, examine and critique current popular diets and cultural trends.