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Minutes May 7-2008

Degrees and Certificates Committee

May 7, 2008 2pm-4pm
Sylvania CC Conference Room

Committee members
X Susanne Christopher x Kathleen Bradach X Phil Christain
x Eriks Puris x Kendra Cawley Tony Zable
Michael Flaman x Anita Gibson x Dave Stout
X Loretta Goldy x Janeen Hull

Committee Support:

Committee support
x Amy Alday-Murray Veronica Garcia x Rick Aman
X Steve Ward Stacey Timmins X Davonna Livingston


Dorina Corena
Verna Reardon

Old Business:

New Business and Minutes:

Old Business:

2:00 Overview of April minutes

Motion for approval was made by Kendra and was seconded by Janeen. Motion passed.

New Business: Susanne addressed the issue of the upcoming degree audit system and complications that might arise with its implementation. Also, what role will the Degrees and Certificate Committee play in implementing the new system? Rebecca Mathern brought up the point that she has several issues that will need to be addressed that she would like to bring before the committee in June.

It was discussed that MTH 111A is going away and that MTH 105 is going to take its place and that the AAOT/AS degrees will need to change to reflect the new MTH requirement.

2:15 (New) Certificate-Virtual Assistant-Verna Reardon-Where we left off was the need for some sort of quality control on who earns the certificate and who does not. The CAS team decided it would be handled at a classroom level by implementing a capstone into the certificate. They also decided upon a letter grad of C or better rather than the B as previously wanted in an effort to be more consistent with other CAS programs. Motion for approval was made by Kendra pending the approval by the Curriculum Committee and was seconded by Eriks. Motion passed.

2:30 (New) Certificate of Completion-Solar Voltaic Manufacturing Technology-Dorina Cornea-Hasegan- It was determined that the certificate cannot be a Career Pathways Certificate because all of the courses do not flow into the degree. It was decided to lower the minimum number of credits to 13 with students being required to show a competency of WR 115 and MTH 65. Motion for approval was made by Eriks pending the changes to the credit minimums and was seconded by Dave. Motion passed.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:10