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Minutes 4-11-2007

Degrees and Certificates Committee

April 11, 2007
Sylvania Campus, 2 pm
CC, Conference Rm B

DAC Committee Members:

DAC committee members
X Susanne Christopher Linda Gettmann Loretta Goldy
X Eriks Puris X Nancy Wilder Tony Zable
X Jennifer Bowers X Lucinda Eshleman X Dave Stout
X Becky White X Jeanine Hull

Committee Support:

Committee support
Amy Alday-Murray Veronica Garcia X Rick Aman
X Davonna Livingston X Stacey Timmins Steve Smith
X Scott Huff


Mary Severson Greg Rapp Dan Kidney

Approval of March’s Minutes
Jennifer Bowers recommends approval of March’s minutes as written. Lucinda Eshleman seconded motion. Motion carried.

AS Degree Writing Requirement
Writing requirement says: Pass WR 121 or challenge exam and Lower Division Collegiate WR course with WR 121 prerequisite (6-8 cr.) WR course must be grade C or better or provide official transcript with a qualifying prior degree.

Discussion occurred about the intent of this requirement, the flexibility of the AS Degree to serve students’ needs, and preparing students for successful transfer. Currently students need earn a “C” in only one of the requirement writing courses.

D/C recommends a revised AS Writing Requirement:
Pass WR 121 with a grade of C or better or pass the challenge exam and pass another Lower Division Collegiate WR course with WR 121 as a prerequisite with a grade of C or better.

Dave Stout moved and Becky White seconded the motion for approval. Motion carried.

New Business

AAS Marketing – Revision, Greg Rapp presented course revisions; removal of MTH 30 and replacement by Business Electives.
Lucinda moved and Jennifer seconded the motion to recommend approval. Motion carried.

Discussion Items

1. Collegiate Level Math Courses in Certificates – Scott Huff

Scott shared OAR 589-006-0100(3)

All courses must be “college level” if used to fulfill a requirement in an associate degree program. “Collegiate level” is a term that denotes more than merely college/university transfer courses. Collegiate level also includes professional technical education coursework and other courses that exceed basic skills, workplace readiness, and fundamental technical skills. Collegiate Level work provides skills and information beyond what is normally gained before or during the secondary school level. Collegiate level work is characterized by analysis, synthesis, and applications in which students demonstrate an integration of skills and critical thinking.

DAC will review and identify our Certificates that use sub 100 level Math courses towards total credits. Once this information is gathered, the DAC will have further discussion

2. The Committee suggests a discussion is needed about the Math requirement in the AGS.

3. Retreat June 15th 10-1:00 pm

Internal Degree Process
What type of Degree changes need to come to DAC?
Outcomes for AS, AAOT, and AGS Degrees
DAC will be leading the College discussion for establishing Outcomes.

4. Gen Ed Distribution List for all Associate Degrees

In June 2006, committee members agreed to move ahead with a recommendation to merge the Distribution Lists and General Education Lists for the various Associate Degrees into one General Education Distribution List. Kendra Cawley, Curriculum Committee Chair, and Susanne have been working on the logistics of this recommendation. Kendra and Susanne have presented preliminary information to the EAC in Feb and March. Susanne and Lucinda also met to discuss the recommendation. Susanne presented the most current material. Discussion focused on whether or not committee members were clear to make a recommendation to the EAC. To remain within State compliance we should be calling all of our distribution courses General Education, including the distribution area within the AS degree.

Eriks Puris moved to recommend one PCC General Education Distribution List for all Associate Degrees. Jeanine Hull seconded the motion for recommendation. Motion carried.

adjourned @ 4:30pm