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Minutes 10-11-2006

Degrees and Certificates Committee

October 11, 2006
Sylvania Campus, 2 pm
Conference Rooms B

DAC Committee Members:

DAC committee members
X Susanne Christopher Linda Gettman Mark Hagen
X Eriks Puris Nancy Wilder X Tony Zable
X Jennifer Bowers Lucinda Eshleman X Dave Stout

Committee Support:

Committee support
X Amy Alday-Murray Veronica Garcia Rick Aman
X Scott Huff X Stacey Timmins


Linda Bruss Sanda Nedelcu Steve Smith
Loretta Goldy Karen Jolly Art Schneider
Ron Bekey John McKee

Introductions 2:00 – 2:15Postpone approval of June minutes until November meeting.

New Items:

AAS: Electronic Engineering Technology: Biomedical Engineering Technology Option (BMET) – 108 credits

Sanda Nedelcu provided background and reasoning for new AAS Biomedical Option.

Amy briefed the group on difference between new AAS and AAS degree option. The percentage of the coursework can’t exceed 30% of the base AAS EET Degree.

The Committee recommends that an asterisk be place in the Catalog to specify that EET 280C total credits can’t exceed 11 credits.

Dave moved to recommend approval of EET Biomedical Option with change in Social Science Elective increase from 3 to 4 credits. Jennifer seconded motion to recommend. Motion to recommend approval passed

New AAS: Web Site Development and Design – 93-95

Ron Bekey presented a background and reasoning for a new AAS degree in Web Site Development and Design. The CAS Advisory Committee recommended that a student have a specific concentration in either Development or Design, not a “jack of all trades.”

The Committee raised the concern that CAS is trying to make two separate pathways within a degree, but are calling it one degree with very different required coursework. The Committee recommended that the CAS SAC take a closer look at making more of the required courses similar and have fewer electives in either Development or Design.

Amy will try to get clarification from the State before the October 24th SAC Inservice.

CAS will take back the Committees recommendation to the CAS SAC and return in November.

No motions were made


DAC Outcomes

Susanne introduced the new AAS Degree and Certificate Outcome web page. The Committee suggested some improvements.

Program Awards

Susanne explained to the Committee what Program Awards are and how they are currently being issued at PCC. She put the item on the table for discussion. The Committee members made some suggestions of how to better serve the disciplines offering Program Awards. In addition, Scott Huff, Dave Stout, and Susanne Christopher will meet and draft some Program Award guidelines.

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.